Shake for car was ordered to suspend the download alleged official said system upgrade existing Bug

(editor: liu)

today’s news, car hire companies due to entice users to update to the premium version of the application of suspected of illegal, so the punishment by the Beijing committee. The committee has ordered 96106 hire car suspension software download, and rectify the statement.

last month, the Beijing municipal committee issued new rules and prohibit a taxi price behavior, and on August 21, launched the first 4 a taxi “official” mobile phone software, respectively is “named” easy to take a taxi, immobile call after the 96106 car, was called a taxi and di di (such as 96106 series).

but in 96106 was called “back door” is found in the upgrade of software, namely “upgrade” update functionality. But more bizarre is that choose the updated does not directly upgrade to cover the old version, but on the phone and separately generated a shake to hire car application gateways. Page will appear “tip” options, respectively 0 yuan, 10 yuan, 20 yuan of three, and, with the increase of selecting the amount of tip, show “taxi booking success rate” also gradually improve.

in addition, after push the order information to the driver on the page and more eye-catching “premium” taxi prompt content. Marked with the word “+ 5 yuan”, and to the left of the line of small print notes: “plus tips can improve the success rate of hire car,” tip “top” of up to 100 yuan!

according to “Beijing taxi on-call service management implementation details” mobile phone, mobile phone calling for applications involving the on-call service fees shall conform to the standard of this city taxi on-call service charge, that is, the instant a taxi charge 5 yuan, take a taxi to receive 6 yuan 4 hours in advance. According to the regulations, 96106 was called software constitute violation of the above behavior.

over the incident, hire car explanation is called “oolong” events, because of version conflict, the end of August is a national version upgrade, after upgrade 96106 were recruited car version in the version click upgrade can be up to the national version 2.7.1, this version is still has a tip voice call cars, and other functions. Shake the technical personnel after get user feedback, for the first time to fix the bug. To download 96106 was called the tests did not prompted to update status. From finding problems to solve the problem, the repair period no more than 24 hours.

to guide users to use the premium version of the accused, deliberately shake hire car on August 21, according to the committee said in a press release, clear visible “old version software about phone call car stopped after a month.” So, the “mistakes” still within the normal period of time, not bad.

here are teetering hire car statement:

on September 3, online began circulating a paper entitled “a taxi” official “software recessive price?” In the article. In this paper, several words are false, have a certain misleading words. Little shake first called authors know the situation, after both sides confirm with facts, the authors acknowledge that the article with the actual situation from the original, the current has been removed from the original manuscript.

4, 6 PM, committee requirements were for official car positive response to this report.

the following is a shake to respond to a detailed report false:

1 “recently, the reporter from the official download channels – Beijing taxi joint on-call service platform ( download and install the software, and repeated use test, found that have a taxi software in stealth premium.”

according to the small wave communication and the original author, the author frank and not fully used 4 software. One taxi App for registration verification code still hasn’t been received, and thus cannot successfully registered to use, not for testing. But the author in this paper is not the fact that account. Such a piece of writing is very unfair for small roll.

according to small wave test and other members of the press, other home is also exist at the same time, the old and new version of the old version did not make any changes, add voice function still exists.

2 “in policy under the ban, however, the” official “taxi software shake hire car in 96106, one of the” clone “of continue to provide” tip “option to attract users, the maximum amount of the price up to 100 yuan.”

in the first place, the reporter said “busy” is because I shake the end of August have a national version upgrade, after upgrade prompt within 96106 shake car hire software update to the latest version, click update can be up to the national version 2.7.1. Shake the technical personnel after get user feedback, for the first time to fix the bug. To download 96106 was called the tests did not prompted to update status. From finding problems to solve the problem, the repair period no more than 24 hours.

and just said “with the function of the tip was hire car” is the old version of the shake for car. In fact according to the committee on August 21, press release, clear visible “old version car phone call software discontinuation after about a month.”

that is to say, is not only a hire car, three other official App by old version before September 21 can continue to use. And the tip in the old version features, voice call function, phone booking function can be normal use. So there is no shake hire car deliberately deceived users “stealth” tip provides options to attract users.

3 “contrast” detailed rules “, shake to hire car behavior is suspected of violating the rules.”

shake for positive response, 96106 was called car does not exist in this paper, we put stand a premium to attract the user’s behavior, does not violate any policy committee.

written in the last word:

a taxi software is essentially a kind of innovative service mode, there are all kinds of problems. 96106 was called car platform online since half month, we have been conducting various tests, the reporter found that prompted to update the bugs in the new version is, indeed, I work negligence. In this small shake solemnly to use 96106 version shake hire car and been upgrade problems apologize for this user. At the same time, 96106 shake action follows the latest decisions and instructions to improve committee, to ensure that the software without any problems, then 96106 version of the shake hire car back online as soon as possible.

there is no media attention to hire car software, there would be no car hire software popular today. Small wave with the help of the media from all walks of life common changed his whole mode of taxi industry’s order, in the small wave to the media friends say heartfelt thanks.

of course, this along the way, little rock lying in the matter of the gun is also often have, every time, we are all in with the facts, go more firmly, more mature in the face of difficulties.

in the face of false reports, we clarify in time, and welcome to the media and the user experience and supervise on our products, found the problem, a small remote will timely correction and improvement, to provide better, more perfect service for you.

this is the hire car, this is what we strive for dream.

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