Sex workers in silicon valley high-tech business income of millions of dollars

Beijing time on April 16th, according to foreign media reports, because young people concentrated in silicon valley, and income level is higher, this directly led to the United States a lot of sex workers gathered in silicon valley. It is interesting to note that they should start using the Internet and smart phone technology tools to attract customers.

a quiet bar, in Los Angeles, Josephine (Josephine) (a pseudonym) sex workers are finishing a T-shirt on the table, with some provocative words full of science and technology elements. In her online advertising picture, Josephine through these banners to attract the attention of the rich in silicon valley engineers and programmers.

Josephine think they do so can get talent in silicon valley, for science and technology is also very interested. In addition, Josephine also and his clients have one thing in common, that is, she also think of yourself as an entrepreneur. Josephine said, now of oneself is similar to a small business owners.

the valley areas of science and technology personnel generally have higher incomes, and young people is concentrated. This makes silicon valley a lot of sex workers especially promising “properties”. Karen (Karen) is also a sex worker from silicon valley, she cost $500 per hour. Karen said, now has attracted many foreign sex workers in silicon valley.

a population quantity and adults in regions with high income levels of service industry is relatively developed. It is interesting to note that silicon valley’s sex workers should be able to use to develop and expand their silicon valley technology characteristics.

hello? Stern lecco (Kitty Stryker) has always been to “science and technology and high-end porn server”, she cost $350 per hour. Her during the day in silicon valley, a social media company as a sales personnel, in the evening she is using the social networking applications to develop their own “personal business”.

the stern lecco, says she is using in social media marketing learning knowledge to improve their porn business. Now with the stern lecco Hootsuite is more, using Klout frequency is relatively less. In addition, also in the use of Twitter, lecco calendar.

the stern lecco also strongly support the rights of women choose to work in the sex. Not only that, she also takes pride in their work. Lecco also attended by The stripper and sex workers proponents of podcast “The Whorecast”.

The stern lecco think erotic services is their career, she hopes that by podcast “The Whorecast” can make people have more human understanding of sex work. Stern lecco, said himself is just a weak woman, hope that through this work to realize his American dream.

let a person feel strange, a lot of sex workers in silicon valley has also established their own customer database. A lot of sex workers have their own bursts, sets, Facebook and Twitter account, some even have their own websites. Many sex workers are using Twitter to expand their own video service, users can pay to interact and performers.

gathered a large number of youth entrepreneurship in silicon valley, and sex workers in the United States also want to make their business bigger in silicon valley. Karen said, thought of for the big customer is very difficult, because here is very competitive, some sex workers in order to attract large customers even rent a condo. In the past decade, Karen income about $one million in silicon valley.

to not only participate in juvenile, the American law of erotic services industry crackdown is not big. In San Jose, silicon valley (San Jose) of title, the city of the institution because of insufficient budget in 2011, has been forced to dissolve. But this does not mean that the SAN jose police allowed regardless of sex services, because in 2012 and the number of sex workers are caught selling her are up 35%.

SAN jose police officer Wells (Kyle) said in an interview with the media, the local erotic services business was very hot, because here the prostitution of your income should be significantly higher than its her city. Wells said the tools of science and technology is one of the main engine of the rapid development of the local prostitution, because buyers and sellers can through the network, technology tools such as smart phones are very convenient to meet, it also makes the prostitution deals more concealed, also increases the difficulty to solve.

Josephine, according to their own online business started when clicking the crowd is very limited, only those who often visit their customers to see. Now Josephine has improved their own websites, is currently in test phase. Open the web site for the national sex workers. Josephine is still in a very safe way to store their customer information in the Internet.

most of the sex workers, said the erotic services can bring very considerable income for himself, let your life more comfortable. They can use these money to buy their favorite clothes, can even go on vacation. For them, any a single income, to pay a labor to get.

about zephine, also cited the American film “the brothel dissatisfied housewife” (Belle DE Jour) in theory, she points out that any job now require them to pay the labor. Although many people think that betrayed his body is a disgraceful thing, but this job can provide ideal income for yourself. In their own time to rest, Josephine in addition to shopping, watching movies often surf the Internet to learn programming. She can also be filtered to customers through the network, selectively provide service for those who themselves prefer.

scores and Josephine’s point of view. Molecular structure and even the stern lecco will pricked his neck, in order to attract those geeks. Think oneself and geek, lecco have a lot in common, and like to communicate with them. She also often want to express your own content into the equation, in order to sympathize with the customer.

the stern lecco believe their rise and fall of business development of ups and downs, and science and technology industry has very big correlation, for now, whether in his “business” or silicon valley technology development situation, is great.

Josephine said that since the silicon valley in the technology industry has recovered from the last recession, the consumption amount of customers now also in unceasing enhancement, and their own gain profit is now rising.

translation: tencent technology