See how to make use of da ren le bee websites to get rid of electricity price war


I was in the electricity business these problems you run not to drop, the article mentioned: price, you can’t play, do big, again want to small and difficult to beauty, easy to let the user get lost several electrical business is difficult to escape the problems, such as electricity price problems seems to become the bottleneck of their development, which is harmful to the electricity industry. But on this year’s le bee wonder man day, happy bee’s brand is used to avoid the price war, can be classified as electric dealer market breakthrough once again.

iresearch, according to the 2012 in the cosmetics online shopping size less than 580 one hundred million yuan, 3 years later that number is expected to more than 1200 one hundred million yuan. beauty makeup in the field of integrated electrical business such as taobao, jingdong, niche le bee network, beauty and so on, from the point at present, the development of electric effect, niche are more advantage obviously, but the competition is fierce, too.

8 last year on 15 day, jingdong, suning, gome three electricity price war dozen. By jingdong CEO liu provoke, Su Ningyi purchase and keep up with the pace of jingdong, gome announced that war. No matter how the final ending, the use of price competition to gain market, after all, is not a long-term solution, electricity and household appliances and beauty makeup electricity, users pay more attention to the brand image.

this year le bee network in the on 15 day to launch its own “da ren”, using its accumulated over the years in the field of beauty makeup the talent resources, let’s go to influence customer loyalty, but also can do different development. Le bee wonder human date will attention caused by electrical appliances beauty makeup, beauty makeup electricity trendsetter directly.

talent brand meaning

top bee net a third of the day. It is reported, 2012 year, le bee network’s overall sales of more than 19.8 billion, of which has its own brand overall sales 4 more than one, and the profit contribution of brand’s got talent is accounted for most of the proportion of the total profits. In addition, since the 2011 , launched with the extension of the artificial core brands, le bee net annual sales are maintained over 300% the compound rate of growth. Developed talent brand depends on the talent show effect, occupying le bee net sales 30% 40% , it can be said that talent brand top bee a third of the day.

talent brand leading talent economy. By talent in a certain influence in the industry, thus forming a brand, it is not uncommon in the Internet product, such as tencent’s got talent, weibo’s got talent, youku’s got talent, etc., the formation of the brand influence, will directly affect the popularity of users for the product.

by talent brand directly promote economic talent, like Luo Zhenyu, founder of the logical thinking. 8 on 9 , Luo Zhenyu launched a member of the “in the history of the most irrational” raising activities, raise 5000 members and 500 die-hard members, the former of the membership fee is 200 yuan, which is 1200 yuan, the period is two years. 5500 member places, however, sold in six hours, that is to say 1.6 million yuan has been through the way such as alipay, bank easily. Of course, Luo Zhenyu should be called the top talent in this field. Is said to have the talent of bee network build brand influence by the commercial value of the 10 , this is the real talent of the economy.

‘s branding beauty makeup electricity differentiation

when facing serious product homogeneity, want to get some achievements in the field of the, differentiated competition is one of the necessary techniques, beauty makeup electricity is an area where competition is fierce, so want a share in the field of beauty makeup electricity, and other electrical contractor of differentiated competition is necessary.

in the field of electricity, there are a lot of own brand, but only with talent brand bee network. In the field of electricity price war, public relations, black, army, such as common means of competition can be seen everywhere, both channels and the brand, in the field of beauty makeup electricity than normal. Using the talent to create brand differentiation competition in the field of beauty makeup electricity only this one, not elsewhere, it is one of the advantages of bee network, as well as Bruno lafont makeup electricity sector in the United States is one of the reasons for success.

depend on the price war is the lowest quality for user

the price war this topic in the field of electricity just seems to be a “standard”, there is no innovative power, only rely on price to compete with other brands, although the user the most concern on the issue of “the price” to win the victory, but in the field of electricity, a low price is cheaper. Even today you are in a product price is low others, to get more users, but the next time because someone else’s price lower than you.

by user quality is the lowest price. From the perspective of user loyalty to consider, the price war of user loyalty is zero. Bee network using the form of talent, form brand, reuse talent brand’s economic formation, this is a ring a ring. For the whole beauty makeup electricity business ecosystem is favorable, price war is malicious competition from another Angle, and the talent brand, spell is creative resources, spell is product differentiation, a steady stream of electricity market productivity to make beauty makeup to more progress.

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