Search into education, baidu to three things

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it is reported that the search engine giant baidu started in education training, low-key test a new product. When the user input “ielts training” in the search bar, search results display teaching institution name directly, its search deep degree are close to a level courses. It’s a sensational news worth analysis in education and training industry attention, because it could change pattern in the promotion of the education industry. But let us put aside the baidu platform effect, only starting from the law of education industry, sand table analysis, deductive way at least for now, I think that baidu search education should have three a big deal.

first make uncertain: course data is a black hole

if baidu’s move is to enhance the search experience, the search engine crawlers must be adopted by way of fetching the data to the industry. Otherwise if baidu fetching the data but not require education institutions to submit data, a move that will only part of the phoenix nest promotion system; Regardless this let’s table, stay below.

first talk about the problem of the search engine crawl. We can say that all of the industry, education and training in the field of curriculum is the most difficult for data integration, and even difficult to logically cannot verify the degree of smooth. Before I participated in a vertical search engine education class project, that a period of time’s worst nightmare is the problem data. Are ultimately chose the network education, it is because the network education courses have a certain degree of practical data. Baidu such a big action could not only satisfy in network education, they direct the offline education should be the industry search, so problems come soon.

the first is the standardization of the data is extremely low, unable to show unity. Education is the nature of the service industry, the compliance of different disciplines have different service characteristics, different institutions have different standard of schedule. Take classes to say, A agency said the class time, talking about school, B institutions C institutions simply by the hour, D agency said A month is the training period, you E agencies also talk about class, but they are A class time is 30 minutes… Besides, the concept of class type, different class type definition is not the same, the class type itself, but also the same concept of different name of the class type. Only existing institutions of network education, online school web scraping is nearly 300 kinds of class type, given the large cluster education under the line. Again from the point of education institutions, some institutions lead to teachers, teaching organization to some institutions, have a plenty of one-to-one teaching, different school idea, curriculum setting, sales promotion methods, even basic word definitions are different. Unlike the physical commodity, physical commodity attribute is the basic standard; Also don’t like the restaurant, the restaurant is “shop” for the unit to organize. Education search engine if you want to do real service depth, then must be “class” as the basic unit (baidu do) at present, this is equivalent to the level of “dishes” search for a restaurant. In this highly normative market, other fetching are hard to achieve this level. If baidu put forward its own standards, education institutions according to the baidu, whether the baton to perform? If baidu to integrate these attributes forcibly, so how to provide accurate service?

second, course data are difficult to grab and update. Assume that was a specification, but in the field of education website of various is known. Even if a website, different disciplines page HTML specification is different, what’s more, education institutions course is an introduction to the basic display in the form of schedule, it need human intelligence to read. Baidu spiders how can so many different HTML, took so many different logical form climbing disassemble the whole manage warehouse? This is a big problem in the field of artificial intelligence, baidu is difficult to solve, I’m afraid. Even if did, then the education institutions of schedule change, search the update frequency of the crawler can keep up with? Of course, baidu can teach education institutions take the initiative to submit information, the below will be discussed.

the third, the large amount of data is difficult to imagine, and education training is offline services, for the user must be selected to the nearest. So the country more than 30 provinces, N many cities, regions can count as one dimension; Education training to learn very much, thousands more than offline education subject, it is a dimension. These two dimensions can be derived from tens of thousands of division, each division has more than N, coupled with the class type, class time, such as dimension, plus daily update d armor, the amount of data for baidu, maybe nothing, but the degree of data accuracy is bad to said.

so if baidu search engine to solve the problem of precise search education field, only at the expense of volume and QiuZhi QiuZhi have to promote a few institutions, promoting minority institutions becomes a paid promotion, become part of the phoenix nest system became advertising behavior. On the other hand, if the quantity at the expense of quality, then the data won’t solve the black hole, the quality is not high, baidu do not please painfully.

second make uncertain: search page display space is insufficient, the product level cannot solve the problem in the field of education.


in this paper, we have been ground, namely, if baidu let education institutions push course data, like traditional bidding system, only paying institutions can promote, so this way with baidu page how to merge, and the reading habits of the user how to merge, how to provide full display space, this will be a UE designer’s nightmare.

it is well known that SEM search engine promotion occupied the position of the search results page is the first screen, and this page is a total of only three to four screens. Traditional search results, the Title and the Description of a search results up to four five lines; Education but in baidu search test page display, in addition to each course information occupy four lines, the top to hang up the filter, the filter will occupy a large space. And we have seen that the four lines formatted course information, as business data, line height must be higher than that of traditional text. Education that is to say, baidu search results pages compared with the normal search results page, want to eat out a lot of height, the page will stretch a lot, this is user’s patience.

if UE engineers can well solve the problem, there is a more terrible problem is not solve, this is the question about which demonstration units. Baidu in the shape of a test page shows the course data, the base of this unit is the “class”, not “school”. If in the old way of the search, a list of search results page can accommodate 20 education institutions in advertising, the new education search, can only hold a page article 20 classes. If users want to see you can flip… If so, the user does not suck.

users will be discontent, education institutions also scolds: “before 20 dollars a click, my body is introduced to the first screen on the front page first, now 20 dollars a click, my body can only on a course on it, is not to introduce myself.”

product manager would be very grievance, then put the education search into small pieces on the top right, also will meet the same problem, in small pieces to show the school or class? “School”, and makes little sense to than ever before; Exhibition “lesson”, each lesson education institutions are enough this small box flip N times, so many institutions to how completely how to sort? If the bid, how to press the “class” to education institutions charge? Education institutions will meet?

all in all, we see that baidu is very good to solve the search problem such as video, news, goods, tickets, but I’m afraid to move into education industry would not be so smooth. Education and training industry is a very special field, the data of the particularity of course goods difficult to unified search display. Doesn’t resolve the problem, not only can’t meet the demand of the public users search, but would also have been education institutions, because of big institutions of layout will throw money even fear cannot be satisfied, and living space will be consumed by a large number of small agencies.

the third make uncertain, still cannot solve the fraudulent advertising, it will be under more complaints.

in the pharmaceutical industry, advertising, baidu is more disturbing, recently caught 360 major medical fraud about the problems of advertising. Have to admit, education industry also has the same phenomenon, the good and bad are intermingled of education training institutions also abound. Screening and relative medical field, education training industry more difficult. Because of the state of medical and drug agency approval is very strict, search engines simply their qualification certification; Built is relatively easy to raise and education institutions, the threshold is low, a few teachers registered a company can do a training course, so even small education institutions to submit qualifications, also hard to grasp the teaching quality. The quality of the education institutions that mainly public praise to the Lord, it’s a bit similar to the catering enterprises. So, the education of baidu search really don’t solve this problem, add comments on content, it won’t be baidu, but a new website.

cannot solve the old problem, but will bring new problems. If baidu raise the cost of education institutions entry or threshold, it is bound to erode the living space of small and medium-sized institutions. Baidu can not only for new Oriental, new channel such big agency service, if baidu reduces the promotion of the barriers to entry, it can easily backfire. Because accurate education search page will enhance the user’s expectations, user expectations are often vague, the search quality and agency service quality blend together, the user will think, since baidu recommended so-and-so school some courses, and to the precision of the course, so is certainly on the course. Baidu search this kind of direct by education courses, virtually gives education institutions endorsement, once appear, education, complaints public complaints will be focused on baidu.

these are baidu attempt education search in this way is difficult to solve the three problems, of course, giant baidu as flow and capital giants, there will be a lot of master planning, internal has solved this problem, so maybe just didn’t show out. If you can solve these problems, to bring a revolutionary change in the field of national education and training, or baidu also is another do or buy a education among more secure appropriate page website.


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