“Scott navigation” directed war baidu announced ali free?

on and day at about 4 o ‘clock in the afternoon, baidu suddenly announced that its baidu navigation business completely free. After three hours, Scott navigation also announced a full free. The sudden news, no doubt, there is a unprecedented strong.

yes, the gold navigation declared free, no doubt, is to fight back, the gravity of the baidu, behind which show is just becoming the first big shareholder for gold ali.

Scott navigation free behind

phone map is considered one of the most important entrance to the mobile Internet, mobile navigation as a driving the location of the user service application is oriented to further refine of mobile map market. In the past, 5 years gold navigation has accumulated nearly 7000 users, navigation application fee also accepted by users, why suddenly announced soon after ali in free? Just because baidu navigation announced free? There will be a catch in it somewhere.

from ali after taking a stake in a few movements, with the support of ali gold map already action to improve the services for the construction of the local life, the mobile navigation as a motorists location service oriented applications, the market value of the local life service also has a very big.

motorists generally stronger spending power, such users is not sensitive to price, to be more care about service. Especially when the user when driving on the way to produce sudden demand around looking for service, can be used to make the decision time is very short, so this kind of users usually can’t be picky, and single consumption amount is higher. Can say this kind of users generally with deep pockets , is the local life Taurus customer services, the development of more such users more commercial value.

is the best means, to attract users to use free navigation application will also produce the Matthew effect, users as the most authoritative, when new users find this app is useful to many users, instinct will think this app is the best. Although gold navigation market share has remained in the first place, but the difference between followed navione navigation market share is not too much, plus baidu eyeing the navigation market, gold navigation is necessary to rapidly promote users, stabilize the market for the first position, to further expand the local living after the service market.

after the navigation business has been always the main source of income to gold, but ali to 2.94 $for the gold 28% co, the profit pattern of gold changed. Ali of the group will be for a period of time for gold is not profit pressure, and work with ali market prospect to develop the local life services and more. Scott was to cut off its has backed by ali in the arm is behind, use free user scale and profit by value-added services, this is Scott announced the cause of the free. In the same way, baidu versa!

Gao Defa force take car information control control

Scott to enter market was put forward in the early years of the 4 screen one cloud strategy, under the support of the ali has.

from a strategic point of view, is the significance of navigation products occupy car screen, also is the occupation of the future automobile industry web portal, after the rise of mobile Internet, car networking, Internet and other concepts are applied. With the progress of manufacturing level and the further development of software industry, car networking has become the next hot market attention.