Schmidt said Chrome OS and Android will still remain independent

according to Reuters, Google Eric Schmidt announced that Google will continue to maintain two operating systems – Android and Chrome OS, two operating systems will remain independent.

Schmidt in India for a IT meeting, said the two operating system will maintain its independence, but between the two will have more in common. Techmeme edit Sceptic after watching the live meeting, agree with Android and Chrome OS will be a long time to remain independent.

TechCrunch contacted Google, confirm whether the plan will Android and Chrome OS continue to remain independent, but Google declined to comment.

it is interesting to note that the Schmidt today’s speech a little contradictory, according to the report Schmidt in 2011 , 2 on MWC conference said Chrome OS and Android will merge. Then he said: “we are working overtime work, in the right way these technologies to merge. We study for a long time before, we have not ready, when our mature technology, will merge both.” In other words, Android and Chrome OS the merger is inevitable, but can’t act too hastily.

after the two possible merger rumors are from the beginning of this month Android Andy Rubin work by Sundar Pical , Pical has been Chrome OS and application, etc. (cloud network hunting had also reported related content ). Pical did not leave the existing position, but increased the Android . This suggests that could be unified Android and Chrome OS train of thought.

Chrome and Android will remain independent for quite a long time of the speech and two years ago Schmidt about the two will merge equally popular attention. “When regardless of when he tried to put them in the right way to merge” is what meaning, in the past two years, Google after overtime work obviously didn’t create anything.

there is no doubt that they were eventually will be merged. Chrome OS in the 2009 to launch in the middle of the year, when the global notebook sales high. But 2010 , the the rapid rise of the launch and other tablets brought a lot of trouble to the notebook market, then began to encroach on the desktop computer market, the market shifts the emphasis to the touch and mobile devices. So from a long-term point of view, mobile phone operating system and moving system of two independent systems for Google is meaningless. If Chrome OS and Android can merge, the biggest problem is how to finish the work as soon as possible.