Scandal JianZhi lam: HTC falling star of tomorrow

on September 5, hunting cloud network special report – this he spent 12 years achievement stage of his career.

in October 2001, the early JianZhi to the identity of the first industrial designer to join the HTC, and at the same time, the HTC also however is one of the many nameless contract in Taiwan.

JianZhi lam graduated from Taipei university industrial design institute, university of science and technology, time during the school has show great talent, won several jewelry design and industrial design award, Taiwan and overseas as well as the curator. HTC is just at the time of HP PDA contract, although the market share as high as 48%, but then HTC CEO Peter Chou, actually has the ambition of developing its own brand, and own brand also must want to have their own industrial design, so he will personally JianZhi lam in the HTC.

in 2006, HTC bet in the smartphone era, finally began to plan to launch their own brands, HTC, and by 2007, HTC first can drive through the Touch screen smartphone “HTC Touch” in the smartphone industry.

“Smart phone, it is a new era of media.” CEO Peter Chou, firmly believe that.

actively join Google dominate the smaller companies and occupy the leading position, there is no doubt that HTC in the trend of the great transformation of global mobile phone market is a good time to seize the corner overtaking.

with the aid of free android, HTC started to develop its own brand mobile phone business. Even completely cut off OEM business in 2009, HTC was ushered in the harvest of the year. In 2010 its sales 25 million mobile phones, global market share of 8%, revenue rose 90% to $9.4 billion, pre-tax profit growth of 76%, to $1.52 billion. Since HTC performance rising, not only among the Interbrand, top 100 brands in the world is a veritable shares the king, and brand value has risen to $3.65 billion by 2011.

is divided into two pieces of HTC’s design department, Taiwan’s team is responsible for the UI and the appearance of the product function, Seattle and San Francisco of the United States team is responsible for the design of the hardware and software. JianZhi lam has tasked creative design director in 2010, the annual salary and bonus of 1500-30 million. Horace Luke in HTC creative President after leaving office, JianZhi lam was promoted to vice President of creative design, began to lead the whole HTC design team in Taiwan. Due to the design of the acclaimed HTC One, One, X, since the XL, such as models, also let JianZhi get company valued, sitting at a young age the vice President’s position..

the prevailing view of JianZhi lam is smart, ambitious and talented people funny HTC star of tomorrow, also participated in the mainland conference over the past two years, through talk personal design concept and the label “HTC One is the best android phones” and other high-profile words and deeds are known by the media on the mainland.

in a new generation of flagship to HTC mobile phone HTC One Max released a few days ago, the early JianZhi however because of falsely making out the invoice to steal company had $ten thousand of capital and suspected of stealing company trade secrets (6.0) Sense, a few days before departure entrepreneurship, by the Taipei district prosecutor to the securities exchange act of breach of trust and the business secret law arrested the leakage of business secrets. Face up to 10 years in prison.

from HTC One MAX can be seen in the way of naming JianZhi lam is going to end the phone as a series of work (MAX after difficult in any place when the new code. Ironically this phone may also be JianZhi lam, the end of his career.

JianZhi knows why made impressive big mistake? Hunting cloud network survey, Taiwan media reported that JianZhi plan after leaving office to entrepreneurship, has set up a “jade” in Taiwan mobile phone design company, and complete the company registration. HTC now suspect JianZhi lam et al., the second half of 2013 will launch the research and development of HTC Sense 6.0 UI interface program, screen interface and other major trade secrets with to “jade”, or even suspect that Jane suspected with other mobile phone companies settled in advance, to commercial secrets rifled.

Jane admits to open small jade, but denies all charges of crimes, argues that the design concept is out of his mind, and part of the data network can download, not stealing commercial secrets, brought to the mainland presentation data is not a secret, as for the authority to give him money, is to invest his jade company. Prestige the company has also been implicated.

the prosecution, chairman ms wang is HTC clappers, fear is mastered conclusive evidence, otherwise, who is willing to let his company’s scandal unearthed.

Jane has outstanding talent, also deeply valued in HTC, the future is bright. May be a greater desire to consume his reason. But a gentleman’s love of money take youdao, experiencing the bullet, even hard to roll over again.