Say, every guest: business only ask, don’t ask, don’t model? !

the author: Liu Qi

given to every guest is confused discussion again, today I “electrical contractor twitter” 3) decided to ridicule a descent from the guest, and say, every guest. This is because a faint feeling, every guest is attributed to the rational, old is a real businessman.

since is a businessman, so now to guess from the outside every guest is the positioning of the brand or platform, there is no too big significance. You could even say that in after a bit and Zara, uniqlo challenge after fruitless, old man has put the ideal brand, brand is just a bluff. Actually, that is not so confused as speculation from the outside, don’t struggle with doing business mode, is only concerned with reporters mode.

more the way, what is brand? That after more than five years in circles, why must be a self-owned brand, why can’t do the extension of platform channels? This reminds me of the old in every guest say “don’t limit yourself”, although this sentence is used to encourage employees, but on the brand connotation that not.

in fact, now that struggle is not to define, nor sharp switch in business level, said he has given up on Zara’s ambitions. Old need is a smooth transition, the complete transformation of quiet, the accurate way of saying it should be, that is not don’t independent brands, but the original unrestrained expansion of practice rational contraction.

aged contraction to the rational attitude estimation is not top-down orders, but for multiple product lines for free development, evolution, to establish an internal competition mechanism, the development situation and make decisions.

at present to the outside world wide attention by the V + platform, for example, despite speculation and doubt, but the V + team and other teams that internal competition is a kind of parallel relationship, people who could do it, eventually reach a relationship of the ecology of competition in the fusion. However, so far, the positioning of V + is still fuzzy, no clear differentiation positioning, it is less than the situation clear.

there is another problem is that V + can do? In general, open platform winning factor depends on the flow scale, sold out rate, service ability and ecological rules, only from the point of traffic, all passenger flow can be in whole, V + accounts for roughly 1/5 ~ 1/5, and in the last two years has accumulated some experience as a open platform. Weakness is V + positioning, however, is not prominent, is still a child, budget of what should be controlled by the company, and there are wolves in the V + team is not enough. This also means that if V + to win, to old and V + team have more resource input and Wolf call.

remember before a persuade old clothing brand tycoon’s advice, but I think age will laugh it off, from every guest and the contrast of Zara is not hard to find, the strong place of Zara has nothing to do with the Internet, all guest group and the founder of the genes are unable to compete with them, plus the development of China’s garment industry environment, as well as the public that stand in the eyes of investors is not too much fresh story. Every guest to the oneself is not possible then the short of him, to tell good stories, that only a bigger story, every guest must return to “the Internet model”, it now appears that this is open platform and flash sales patterns.

this choice is inevitable. That in the past few years rely on cost-effective advantages, in the traditional Chinese clothing brand on the Internet with a bang before the offensive dredge sewer has almost lost. This is not to say that every guest don’t want to do the clothing brand, said only a short period of time to do the Zara hopeless, just no longer in the further, relying on own familiar mode of the Internet, they can seize the opportunity to do some market. Can imagine as a result, and an open platform, as well as another Vipshop, pattern is the Internet.

in simple terms, this year that will be a troika drives (independent brands, V + and flash sales mode), and it will hope that the flash sales mode can pull function on the performance and profitability.

guess, online flash sales mode should be in a separate domain name and platforms. Ability to operate at the same time, that is a brand company, can even sell stock in a certain extent, does not destroy the complete expression of the brand.

oh, forget one thing, the listed… This point in time will be very entanglements, estimated that only old can hold, people try so hard, the ponder is useless.

I have always felt that a founder can eventually together with electricity company have close relations, especially the founder of “through” (outlook on life, values, world view) are good enough, not radical, nor greedy. So, that in 2013, and even after that, also look at old can break through the self.
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