Samsung’s $4 million investment company PowerbyProxi “wireless charger”

“wireless power” has been eagerly anticipated by his mobile device users of a function. Recently, the world’s largest mobile phone maker samsung, with 400 thousands dollars invested in such a company dedicated to the development of wireless charging technology company –.

PowerbyProxi is a company located in New Zealand, their products can be used for various mobile devices. The most special is, don’t need this product charging equipment through the wires. Users only need to put the device in this cool shape of the charger, it begins to recharge the user’s device.

in fact, this kind of by similar to wi-fi distribution of wireless network in a way that charging equipment, already become a new target of many mobile phone manufacturers or semiconductor manufacturers. In addition to the PowerbyProxi, Fulton Innovations, WiTricity and qualcomm, both in the development of this product.

the PowerbyProxi a third round of financing, in addition to the above samsung (samsung business investment company, SVIC), investors also includes German (500 $). So far, the company received 2000 million dollars.

PowerbyProxi CEO Greg Cross said in an interview: “we want our products can support more mobile device manufacturers. We believe that the wireless charging will be the future trend in the field of mobile devices.”

after this round of funding, samsung business investment Pachos will join PowerbyProxi board of directors of the company. Although and samsung maintained close relations of cooperation, but Greg Cross, said they will continue to maintain the independence of the company development.

the PowerbyProxi company vice President of business development, Tony Francesca, is also the sustaining members of wireless charging alliance (). In the institutions, Francesca’s main responsibility is in charge of Qi specifications of wireless charging technology related research and development work.

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