Samsung to launch its first bending screen smartphone Galaxy Round, $1000, only sold in Korea

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, samsung, and yesterday formally launched the first bend of the screen of intelligent mobile phone the Galaxy Round . (please see hunting cloud network reported on the flexible screen)

the reports is pointed out that the specific configuration of the device are as follows:


1080 resolution;

2.3 Ghz quad-core processors (probably qualcomm);

1300 mega pixels rear camera;

3 gb of RAM , and Galaxy Note III );

with a depth of customised version Android 4.3 system – TouchWiz Nature UI ;

Thickness of the

7.9 mm;

artificial leather back cover.

it is important to note that the the Galaxy Round with Active Notifications (active notifications), users can press bending side of the screen, to wake up the phone. Understood (see the video)

in addition, the report pointed out that the the Galaxy Round price of 1000 $, and will be sold only in the country.

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