Samsung launched dual clamshell phones

filed a smartphone, we tend to emerge in the mind of the modelling: a smooth surface, simple modelling, and more and more thin volume.

however, you have never thought a clamshell, there are two pieces of display screen of intelligent mobile phone?

recently, samsung has announced that they will make some bold attempt, launching a called “Hennessy” double screen clamshell Android mobile phones.

from outside, this kind of mobile phone and ordinary Android machine is not much difference, but the most outside the border around the screen some wide (it seems, and more and more is not consistent with the tide of narrow border). When opened the mobile phone, you will find another piece of the screen, and a full keyboard. Maybe, you will feel this kind of mobile phone some strange flower, but samsung launched had had this type of cell phone (such as samsung W series). Only this kind of mobile phone price is very high (generally in more than 10000 RMB), and is mainly used for business people.

Hennessy specific configuration is as follows:

Android4.1 system (samsung Touchu Wiz customization)

3.3 “dual touch screen resolution 480 x 320

1.2 GHz quad-core processors

500 megapixel rear camera

1500 ma battery

microSD slot

double open double stay, CDMA and GSM

it is understood that the new phone at present in China only for promotion, the specific price has not been revealed. Before samsung has introduced a similar double screen products in the Chinese market, mainly for civil servants and other high-end consumer groups.