Samsung electronics in China beat apple? The reason has three

Beijing time on July 26, foreign media analysis of articles published on Friday, according to apple in the Chinese market can’t shake the dominance of samsung electronics. The reason is that samsung electronics to enter the Chinese market earlier and learn more about the Chinese market, and samsung electronics launched more localized products. The following for the article content abstract:

apple chief executive Tim Cook (Tim Cook) believes that “over time,” the Chinese market will be the pioneer of company a huge opportunity. But time seems to stand in the apple’s rivals samsung side, because in the world’s most populous country, the penetration and influence of samsung electronics is far more than apple.

apple this week said the company’s revenue in China from the previous quarter fell 43%, to $4.65 billion. The data also fell 14% year-on-year. Apple to decline in revenue in China, mainly affected by the decline of the revenue of Hong Kong, China. Cook analysts in a conference call pointed out, “it is unclear what caused the greater China region a sharp drop in revenue.”

it is unclear whether apple what kind of strategy of samsung electronics has taken – not to mention a multitude of small Chinese competitors.

today in the 21st century is recognized by both sides is the most important battle of the market, samsung electronics are slugged their American rivals. Market research firm IDC predicts that China’s smartphone market scale will reach $80 billion this year, is expected to rise to $117 billion in 2017, samsung electronics is currently occupied a 19% market share. Relative to apple, samsung electronics in China’s market share to 10%. At present, apple’s ranking in China’s smartphone market has dropped to fifth place.

the cook said that over the next two years, apple plans to the expansion of the number of China retail. At present, apple has eight flagship store in China, Hong Kong has three stores in China. However, he said, “apple will be very careful in the field of distribution of investment, because he wanted a high quality to finish the work.”

samsung earlier to enter the Chinese market, the current number of retail outlets is three times the size of the apple store, to attract consumers and establish partnerships with operators, samsung electronics is also more radical. Samsung electronics, a former senior executive, market analysts and industry have said, with the passage of time, the status of samsung in the Chinese market will be more consolidated, it is enough to resist the Chinese rivals, such as lenovo, huawei and zte, the impact on the company. So far, apple did report.

a variety of styles

samsung’s history and culture and by Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) and Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) innovation company founded in 1976 in silicon valley and apple has a big difference. Brilliant (Lee Byung – chull) was founded in 1938, samsung, when the company is still just a noodles and candy maker. In subsequent decades, through army type iron law of management, the enterprises controlled by the family has grown to industry giants, control of the south Korean economy.

is very different with samsung, apple is like a microcosm of californians, this also is the image of the company with. This image were transplanted to the routine of the Chinese market, apple’s retail packaging up – this is not enough to overcome just more deep-rooted samsung electronics.

in shenzhen electronic product market will be able to clarify some reasons. Samsung’s galaxy s series products and iPhone together side by side, the seller is to recommend these products to consumers. Because so many styles, samsung’s smartphones is at least four times that of the iPhone sales.

a year only to release a smartphone, mainly for high-end smartphone market; Samsung electronics is a year to China market products of different specifications and different prices. Market analysts said that samsung electronics products for the China launch, with the function of some tailored specifically for the local market, such as domestic picture original community POCO. The CN, or dual SIM card slot.

technology consultancy RedTech Advisors, the general manager Michael Michael Clendenin (Michael Clendenin) said, “the Chinese like function. They want to let oneself have 50 different kinds of function on your mobile phone, maybe they would never use these features. Apple does not play such a trick. But unfortunately, if you want to enter the mainstream market in China, want to get a lot of market share, it must launch like a Swiss army knife of the phone.”

determine the pace

market, analysts said samsung’s dominance in the Chinese market to further strengthen, to the whole world is apple’s plan to launch a cheap iPhone, as well as the key to the big screen iPhone. Samsung electronics said one executive. “we certainly believe that we have identified the pace in the Chinese market. Apple was forced to respond to our approach.”

samsung more intrepid, is not only introduced a cheap smart phones, but also in the high-end smartphone market directly to apple. Samsung electronics co-chief executive ShenZong (J.K. Shin) said, “we put a lot of effort into China’s high-end smartphone market.”

samsung electronics to China telecom (weibo), for the Chinese market launched a clamshell luxury smart phones. The phone price is about RMB 12000 ($2000), by the movie star Jackie chan ACTS as a spokesman. Samsung mobile business vice President Lee Young – hee said that “China has a lot of important guests, we launched by Jackie chan products for them. This helps to locate a niche consumer groups, to build brand quality.”

although samsung electronics won’t sell millions of this kind of smart phones, but expresses the samsung electronics is willing to move to the operators localization. , an analyst at IDC in Singapore TZ Wong said, “the key reason, samsung electronics is consistently adapt to the Chinese market. Chinese consumers know that samsung electronics is a south Korean brands. But samsung electronic message, has been a local face.”

Retail presence

samsung opened its first office in China in 1985. In those days, no one would expect to apple and samsung electronics will become the technology industry to the cauldron. Like other south Korean consortium, samsung electronics is one of the first south Korean enterprises to enter the Chinese market, then sees China as its electronic products production base, selling products all over the world.

unlike samsung, apple only recently begun to aggressive expansion in China market. Early to enter the Chinese market, samsung since an incomparable advantage, also let the company quickly adapted to the rapidly changing market conditions. Wrote the samsung electronics in China’s history of nomura securities analyst Choi Chang – hee, points out that by the mid – 1990 – s, with the vigorous development of China’s economy, samsung electronics has made a strategic decision, not only to the Chinese market as a production base, also her as high electronic products market.

samsung this strategic transformation, means that the company exist in China’s retail market is far more than apple. Removed by three major telecom operators of retail outlets selling products, samsung electronics with gome electrical appliances (weibo), suning appliance alliance, has a strong retail presence. At the same time, samsung electronics in China also has its own “experience store” and small retailers all over the country.

apple and samsung electronics market has the same channels in China, just enter the Chinese market relatively late time, means that the existence of the company is much smaller. Samsung electronics in guangdong province, for example, more than 200 official distributors and retailers, and apple only 95.

in samsung electronics to establish close relationships with Chinese operators, apple is still not cooperation agreement with China mobile (microblogging). Over the years, the two companies have been unable to reach a consensus on revenue sharing, leading to apple’s products cannot be used by hundreds of millions of Chinese mobile users.

a market research firm IDC said that samsung electronics now dominate the low-end and high-end smartphone market in China. The majority of Chinese consumers’ average monthly salary of just $640, many look forward to from feature phones to upgrade to a smartphone users cannot afford apple phone high prices.

by different products target market segment, samsung electronics can established a close relationship with consumer. According to the report, as consumer income increase gradually, they will choose to buy samsung higher product price. Through in two line for low-end and high-end market, helped samsung electronics resist, local manufacturers such as huawei, lenovo group to the company.

market analysts said that samsung electronics market in China and an uphill battle, perhaps will be the apple to market cheap iPhone.

source: tencent technology mowgli