Samsung apple mobile phone market in China have to be careful!

according to foreign media reports, the New York times website published an article, a comprehensive review is given on the current China’s smartphone market. According to the article, although samsung and apple smartphone market dominance in the Chinese market, but due to the high-end market is limited to changing local manufacturers, samsung and apple have to reconsider their market strategy in China. What’s more, the importance of the Chinese market to be reckoned with, it will be the major mobile phone manufacturers expand the springboard to other emerging markets.

here is the New York times article main content:

last year, China surpassed the United States, the world’s largest smartphone market, the global handset market pattern has been changing. Before that, the global smartphone market is totally dominated by the competition between apple and samsung electronics, the two giants of high-end mobile phone become the essentials of affluent consumers in developed countries.

local manufacturer rise

now, more and more mobile phone designed for the emerging market consumers, this part of the population will be the main target group of future smartphone sales. This brought development opportunities to large Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, such as huawei, lenovo, zte, cool, millet and Oppo.

a market research firm Canalys, according to data from samsung still is China’s largest smartphone makers, market share of 20% in the first quarter of 2013, but at the same time, many Chinese companies has transcended the market share of 8% of the apple.

this including some international endorsed brands, such as huawei, known as the network equipment is known as the ThinkPad notebook lenovo, the two companies in the first quarter climbed to the smartphone market China’s third and fourth. But there are nearly 400 other unknown mobile phone maker, they produce two-thirds of the world’s smartphones. With a company called cool, in the first quarter of this year from China’s smartphone market seventh place to the second, the market share of 10%.

“local competitors make the long tail will force of apple and samsung’s situation is more and more difficult,” the market research firm Strategy Analytics analyst Neil he (Neil Mawston from) said, “there are too many people want to get a slice of this action.”

China mobile consumers especially concerned about the price, because most of the mobile phone has not been operator subsidies. In the United States and Europe, widely available hardware operator subsidies to reduce the cost of consumers to buy mobile phones.

in addition, Chinese users change the speed of the mobile phone is far more than in the west. Analysts say, they usually every six months in a cell phone, and the people of developed countries in them only every two years or so. Consumers swing means that market share is also easy to change, so mobile phone company will follow the fate of ups and downs.

High-end market to

points, analysts said apple and samsung’s position in the field of high-end phones that they can get most of China’s smartphone market profits. Brokerage Sanford c. Bernstein, more than $450 in the Chinese market of mobile phone sales, apple accounted for 55%, samsung accounted for 40%. The apple iPhone 5 price is about $780, samsung Galaxy S4 price is $850.

but slow growth in this field. The brokerage firm’s analysts believe that the Chinese market this year mobile phone sales of more than us $450 from 235 million units last year grew to 296 million units, and stagnated in front of the number of 300 million units a year.

, by contrast, the company said the $200 the following mobile phone sales will increase from last year’s 234 million units to 400 million units this year, will increase to 685 million by 2015. Low-end market faster growth of the reason is that the smartphone prices have fallen sharply, hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers can use these phones to replace hand does not have the data processing function of normal cell phone.

Canalys analyst Peter Cunningham (Pete Cunningham) said: “samsung and apple are faced with the problem, is whether they have the development prospects of emerging markets, especially China’s market competition ability.”

this some mobile, some shanzhai is samsung or apple products, supplemented by cheap plastic shell, smaller memory, lower rate of screen analysis, or a cheap camera. Last year, a company called the valley of China mobile company, even before the apple iPhone 5 to enter the Chinese market, it launched a $150 phone looks like the iPhone 5. Although this valley bee i5 phone appearance resembles apple mobile phone, but it carries is Google Android operating system.

targeting the international market

towards the international market is a rigorous challenge faced with Chinese mobile phone producers. Cool mobile operators MetroPCS jointly with the United States in the U.S. market sale Quattro 4 g phone, market feedback received mixed reviews, but in some promotional activities under the price less than $100.

to annual revenue of RMB 220 billion ($35.8 billion), huawei is also eyeing up to the international market. In London in June this year, huawei launched a called Ascend P6’s mobile phone, it has a lot of apple and samsung style features, full integration in 6 mm thickness in the fuselage. Huawei Ascend P6 mobile phone does not support 4 g networks, but its price is far lower than apple iPhone 5 and the samsung Galaxy S4, this kind of mobile phone in China for about $430.

huawei, said the company plans to this kind of mobile phone sales in 100 countries, including China and many European countries. But so far at least, not yet entered the U.S. market. Huawei faces in the United States congress many security charge, while huawei to completely denies the charge.

apple samsung have worry

analysts expect apple need to launch a cheap version of the iPhone, but apple has been tight-lipped about its plans. If apple want to maintain their market share, it will need to enter the low-end market, Sanford c. Bernstein, a hong kong-based analyst mark Newman said.

apple has been in talks with China mobile to authorization to sell the iPhone. If success hand in hand, China’s largest operators, apple is easy to improve the iPhone sales in China. Apple CEO Tim Cook (Timothy d. Cook) in April, said the company plans to launch in the next two years will double the number of retail outlets in China. Cook said: “we still believe that China’s vast market opportunity.” At present, apple 11 retail stores in China.

there, analysts said samsung’s situation better than apple, as a result of samsung in China’s broad product range, including three mobile phone for less than $450, and therefore more able to seize the development opportunity of cheap smart phones. At present, the samsung Galaxy Grand in China sells for 2700 yuan ($440), the Galaxy Style sells for 1700 yuan ($277), the Galaxy Trend for only 900 yuan ($146).

samsung declined to comment on their China strategy, only said it plans to launch “more meet the demand of the future”.

the importance of China market pattern is that if the small mobile phone maker has been successful in China, will help them to expand in emerging markets around the world. Although most of the world’s smartphones from China, but so far, China’s own brand of mobile phone in the international market is still hard to stand up.

a market research firm IHS analyst Ian, lattice (Ian Fogg) said: “apple and samsung’s fear is that if they can’t solid market position in China, the other mobile phone manufacturers, mainly manufacturers in China, will take its place, and then as a springboard in other markets to attack them.”

translation: tencent technology