Rumor VS rumor: apple falling Wall Street undercurrent

previously, Forbes magazine said apple is plotting to replace the CEO . The “fortune” magazine wrote later claimed that apple down rumors for the plot only hype , this article also quotes the MacWorld abuse reports Forbes is hate apple writer clown type performance .

apple shares fell down, the stock in hand, the investor worried that Wall Street undercurrent. Whether it is a “rumor” Forbes or fortune “rumours” are the big waves in the surf. And forefront, is apple.

sina science and technology translated the “wealth” of “rumours”, hunting cloud network reproduced as follows:

the last time we mentioned the hedge fund manager doug kass (Doug Kass) or 2 month, apple shareholders meeting the day before.

apple shares are falling, while doing more apple stock. He in the Twitter published on talk that apple announced the spin-off. On the news, shares of apple rose, while selling the shares held by the after earnings. Then he said in a news release rumor has no basis, after that he was a great deal of criticism.

recently, he began to do so. He cites the same “ the Gnome source as saying, “apple could be fired the cook. He published Twitter message display: “ @ DougKass : from my the Gnome , the top of the Alps ‘apple’s Tim cook was fired? ‘”

apple may have to fire cook, to please the rumors on Wall Street, he is not the only source of news. There are multiple sources show that investors have to apple’s performance, and in the upcoming apple 2013 fiscal second quarter earnings, such complaints are emerging.

recently such news includes:

cass published Twitter message.

famous science and technology industry consultant rob, dyer (Rob Enderle) to write an article called “fix apple, mission impossible”. He was the adviser of companies such as dell, HP and Microsoft, have long been singing the apple.

Forbes website on Sunday published an article entitled “the apple looking for CEO cook’s successors. But the article was when accused of “hate apple writer clown performances”.

there is no doubt that hopes that cook’s departure to drive apple shares rose of investors is not friends. So far, the cook is still respected by analysts. And, more importantly, the apple board offered cook 100 all restricted shares, as incentives to attract cook at apple. This reflects the board’s confidence in the cook.

at present, apple shares than cook succeed jobs as is higher. I think, apple shares rose to 700 , then back to 390 $, this is more of the dysfunction of the stock market, rather than cook as error.

Oracle Investment Lawrence balter (Laurence Isaac Balter) in the past few weeks have been advocating, cook had to leave apple. He said: “the market has surrendered, it is necessary to do some things. If before the earnings release share price rose by the rumors, so will be positive signal.”

well-known investor Locke, peng DORA (Rocco Pendola) in The Street website column called for the cook. He said in an article on Monday, choose the cook as jobs’s life is the most wrong decision. ( the more high )