Revolutionary shells electronic secret development power saving system Standby time can increase by more than 70%

a few days ago, news talk shells electronic is secretly developing revolutionary power saving system “scales energy saving system,” said, the use of the “fish scales power saving system” smart phones, smart watches and other smart products can increase the standby time 70% above.

according to sources, “scales power saving system” is the nut electronic secret research and development of intelligent power saving technology, the future will be more applications on mobile intelligent terminal products. The electricity system and it calls “scales power saving system”, because the power saving system was inspired by a deep sea fish scales; In the future, “scales energy saving” will become a proprietary technology shells electronic brand, nut shell electron will need power supply related products all application of the technology.

“scales power saving system” compared to the existing traditional energy-saving system mainly has two advantages:

a, power saving ability are much higher than the traditional energy-saving technology, at present, nut shell electron internal by smartphones, according to the actual test using the “scales power saving system” smartphone standby time than not using the technology of smart phone standby time increased the 70% .

the second is, the traditional power saving system requires a variety of complex system Settings, and use the “fish scales power saving system” smart products, does not require any set to start the automatic power saving function.

it is understood that “fish scales power saving system” technology has been mature, will be the first to have applications in 4 published in shells electronic Bambook series of smart phone, and then, including Bambook smart watches and other fruit shell smart electronics will be successively will use the power saving technology.

a handheld mobile intelligent terminal equipment of the power supply problem has been a breakthrough in the industry of the difficulty, believe that the emergence of the “scales power saving system” will be the current handheld devices bring a new revolution.