Reveal where public cloud: executives valuation hype is already

where listed recently become the focus. Cloud network exclusive parsing, hunting, according to industry executives go pre-ipo valuations already speculation.

in fact, as early as October, hunting cloud network in the report pointed out that where to intensify preparations before the public. At that time, is the most important measures, where the adjustment of organization structure: where is divided into air ticket, hotel, three districts and wireless innovation business unit, to venture to examine the project scheme, allow each department introducing external resources. Big business to run, to examine the revenues, profits; In product operation, business models, the new sales department to examine the total losses, the department reports directly to the where to CEO ZhuangChen super.

where to why go public?

the first: where to different patterns and ctrip, where the innovation mode is bound to bring ctrip big business impact! From both sides friction constant can be seen in the past two years. The concept of Wall Street’s most like is fresh, where new story should get good valuation.

The second:

baidu maximal profit. In June 2011, and where to sign the deal, baidu baidu subscribe go net new cost $300 million to $181 million of common stock, for a 62.01% stake in the latter as its largest shareholder. Where to go this time if listed first baidu success from the perspective of investors will be able to get huge returns. On the other hand, it proved that after the unification of the universal search in baidu, there is still a big market in the field of vertical search operational space. Under the big tree, baidu is not nothing grows. Vertical search baidu grafting, hatching and a small company in the field of tourism, the added confidence in baidu resources, industry began in the replicating the model.

the third: where to listed will strongly. Listed and 300 war has little to do, go where officials made it clear to independent public many times. Where network CEO ZhuangChen was declared over 2011, the company went public in 2012. “We itself is not eager to financing, brand platform and m&a of listed is more available stock to mergers and acquisitions in the future.”

campaign release signal

the industry, senior executives to hunt cloud network said, go to the listed is nailing on designated board thing, where to also have been looking for. “The truth of the matter is, in the process of listing, go through continuous release information, to fry high valuations of their own.” The executive said.

hype action:

in April this year, media reported that there are sources, where network to complete a new round of $57 million (350 million yuan) financing, by baidu, hillhouse capital, GGV capital tripartite joint investment, to invest $19 million, respectively. To this, where net official has yet to respond.

so how are the financing situation where to?

in July 2006, silicon valley venture capitalists Mayfield and GSR ventures with investment in the “where”; Announced in November 2007, where to finish the second round of around $10 million in financing, this round of financing dominated by lehman brothers. On November 12, 2009, where network completes the third round of $15 million in venture capital financing. The round by the GGV Capital (GGV Capital) led, before all the investors including Mayfield risk investment company (Mayfield Fund), GSR Ventures (GSR Ventures) and Turner (Tenaya Capital) in the Capital. In June 2011, and where to sign the deal, baidu baidu subscribe go net new cost $300 million to $181 million of common stock, for the latter 62.01% stake.

that is to say, of the $57 million in baidu participation, valuations will get improved means that everywhere you go.

hype action 2:

in July of this year, according to industry rumours tencent, the participation ctrip, given the valuation of about $6 billion a year or so, want to holding more than 51%. The purpose of tencent in bidding ctrip is tencent hope WeChat 5.0 plus one-stop travel booking services, ctrip can book tickets from the O2O into the market, to intensify WeChat commercial.

when hunting cloud network readers contribute is pointed out that “tencent accounted for over 51% of the shares, estimates of more than 60 dollars, 50% higher than the current market value, so highly confidential negotiations conditions were exposed. With an hung out in the Internet experience for many years, the news a bit odd.”

although ctrip and where to model is different, but belong to the online travel industry, ctrip is actually to go behind the high valuations endorsement.

hype action 3:

recently, the famous American investment site T heM ot – leyFool published analysis is given to where the net $2.4 billion valuation.

after a toss about, just yesterday, industry news, “the Goldman sachs to go network programs are nervous, heard that the company prepared to strive for offerings in September this year.”

where to promote work has been completed, the listed is imminent. As to where to go if you can get access to capital market as much as $2.4 billion valuation, hunting cloud network remains to be seen.