Reveal how Google via mobile Internet to make money!

from the current actual situation, the mobile search market is experiencing a “growing out of control”. Statistics show that in 2012 the mobile search market growth rate as high as 200%. It is predicted that in the coming year, mobile will become a basic way to get Google service. Currently, Google has managed to turn yourself into a with “mobile first” for the purpose of the enterprise. Now, in the Google mobile $8 billion revenue, most from the advertising (excluding its purchase of MOTOROLA).

this is why Google will comprehensively restructuring “hits” “(Pay – per – click, refers to the advertiser according to the amount of the clicks on Internet advertisements to the network company, hereinafter referred to as the PPC) advertising platforms, namely the main cause of AdWords. As is known to all, Google wants to by moving more commercial. Because of this, the company is trying to make its mobile PPC advertising easier, at the same time provide outreach and mobile app domain type advertisement, and all of these will lead to the use cases for the center with mobile focus.

according to search marketing company WordStream Google mobile product mix of the latest research results, Google’s mobile strategy mainly focuses on the 4 key investment in the field of mobile products: mobile devices, mobile Apps, mobile content, and mobile advertising.

we believe that in such an exciting mobile product portfolio, driven by advertising pattern has scratched surface of the mobile monetization opportunities.

mobile advertising: Google for mobile advertising, born of the

Google for mobile engine designed for advertising products include:

AdWords, also known as “sponsored links”, commonly known as “Google ads on the right side” in Chinese, is a kind of using Google keyword advertising or Google content alliance network all over the world to promote the website payment network promotion way, you can choose, including words, pictures and video advertising, advertising in the form. In general, AdWords is a quick and easy way of buying advertising services, this advertising service pertinence, no matter how much is your budget, it is chargeable per click (CPC);

positioning and command extensions, such advertising extension will help mobile advertisers come into contact with the local search, and facilitate the transformation. In the end, everyone wins;

group-buying service Offers, is to launch the service, mainly against the famous group-buying giant company and Living Social Killer, etc. Google Offers will provide users with local restaurants and shopping discounts, and ensure that can let users enjoy the “fifty percent discount” and “users the most willing to place”;

forward, refers to the mobile advertising market, can provide users on the mobile phone network advertisements. Marketers can in other existing apps advertise their apps.

move Apps: for the mobile Google Apps

Google mobile Apps products mainly include:

map, is Google map service, including the local details of the satellite images. Google is very clear, positioning is crucial for providing powerful search experience;

Now, Google in the I/O developers conference with android 4.1 system launched a heavyweight applications at the same time, it will be a comprehensive understanding of your various habits and ongoing action, and use it know to provide relevant information for you. Compared with Siri, Google Now information correlation is higher, is almost instant return answer;

Google +, a “Local” (Local search service), mobile users can search to the Zagat rating system analysis of nearby restaurants and entertainment;

ebook, is a winner-take-all market, more than 3 million books, and can be found mostly in the form of pay, via Google Checkout to buy, buy can preview pages before;

wallet, through Google security cloud services for network payment way. However, Google wallet is not everywhere to support, but it took a step towards no cash and no card transactions;

voice, through the service, can make cheap international call, send free text messages, reading voice mail, etc.

search App, let Google search for your mobile device and simpler navigation;

shopping, help mobile users find the products you buy, and make a decision to purchase;

Goggles, using the way is quite simple, open the program for the first time, it will be a little short, basically it will open the picture mode, set after press shoot, the camera will do af (if supported) and take photographs, program will analyze the composition of the photo, and on the top of Google search, if you take pictures is attraction, search out is this scenic spot and the name of the site, search for books can tell you what is a book, can also take such things as paintings, programs can be found.

mobile content: raw Google for mobile content

Youtube, the world’s best video sharing sites, is in the same industry competitors can match! Now, 40% of the website video browsing from mobile devices, the added value of every traffic 1 billion;

Play, is a for Android devices developed by Google’s online app store. A group called “Play Store” the application of preloading in allows you to use Google Play on mobile phones, allows users to browse, download, and purchase on the Play of the third party applications;

mobile devices: raw Google for mobile equipment

android, is a Linux based half open source operating system, mainly used in mobile devices, founded by Google OpenHandset Alliance (smaller companies, open handset Alliance) continued leadership and development. At present, the android system is the world’s most widely used smartphone operating platform;

, MOTOROLA, Google hopes to MOTOROLA’s powerful hardware service and android software together, however, so far, not achieved this dream;

move, Chrome, Chrome, Chinese called Google browser, is an open source web browser developed by Google. Google hopes to mobile and perfect result, Chrome is still in development.

mobile future

on the product, does not cover said Google’s all listed and are developing the product, is the most exciting and some of the most profitable (so far) mobile products. It is clear that the mobile revolution is still continued, and Google has become one of the few important players within the mobile market. As for the mobile advertising business, Google has broke the surface. I think, you can expect from Google’s mobile AD business had great convenience and benefits. In short, Google’s mobile in the future, is bright.

this comment author larry Kim (LarryKim), is chief executive of WordStream