Reveal Google display advertising head: why pay more than $100 million?

on April 6, according to foreign media Business Insider, low-key Neal Mohan (Neal Mohan) is a billionaire Googler, eight years ago, he and his companions to predict the future direction of the Internet display advertising and action, his understanding of the Internet display advertising and foresee a present to beat. As head of Google display ads, he led the salary is higher than NBA star Anthony, constantly refused the invitation from other companies to secure at the same time stay at Google, step by step to complete his ultimate on display advertising business planning – for content distribution and advertisers build end-to-end solutions. Neal mohan’s own professional development experience, is basically the history of Internet display advertising business.

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salary is higher than NBA star Anthony

two years ago, the internal management confusion. On April 14, 2011, “fortune” magazine columnist Jesse ham pell (Jessi Hempel) about Twitter, said Twitter can’t release the new products of meaningful, also can’t expand income, in management talent is inaction.

course, the Twitter’s board of directors or CEO Dick cosgrove tullow (Dick Costolo), such criticism was used, they have spent several months, trying to clean up and save a few years to be disorganized management Twitter, turning it into a “real” company. As a first step, and they plan is to hire a chief product officer. Twitter’s board of directors hope to find a can eliminate the internal turmoil and reshape the product line, attract advertisers to the Twitter platform to advertise.

DoubleClick and Google executives before David ROM the junta’s (David Rosenblatt) just joined Twitter in December 2010, the board of directors, he has a good mind, that is his job at Google and DoubleClick is under Neil Mohan (Neal Mohan). Twitter to offer an olive branch neal mohan, generous conditions will look that he can’t refuse.

surprise, neal mohan refused a Twitter.

rosenblatt said to a friend, mohan was refused to the reason of Twitter is Google offered to him than the basketball star Anthony higher wages. In February 2011, the American sports media headlines are NBA stars move New York knicks carmelo Anthony, the knicks signed a three-year contract with Anthony, Anthony three years salary of $65 million.

TechCrunch reported later, Google paid to mohan, is worth more than $100 million in stock. Mohan and two years after the renewal of Google, Google’s share price has risen about 35%, that is to say, Google actually spent $150 million to keep neal mohan.

by Neil mohan I very low-key, is unwilling to accept the media interview, in the past few weeks, had an interview with Business Insider respectively mohan colleagues, customers, competitors, etc., trying to understand from different angles the Google will spend $100 million to hire people. According to these familiar with his people, mohan years ago foresaw brand advertising will become the mainstay of the Internet industry, and will be according to the foreseen made a plan, and then perfect to carry out the plan.

started with $60000

in 1996, Neil mohan graduated from Stanford university in electrical engineering major, after graduation to join Anderson Consulting company (Andersen Consulting) – later, the company changed its name to accenture.

in 1997, Mr Mohan to join a start-up company Net Gravity, the selling enterprise software company to digital marketing company, the job is the starting point of mohan Internet advertising career, at that time, he earns about $60000. Mohan will he on LinkedIn Gravity at the time of a job description for “senior analyst” (senior analyst), but according to its then boss Richard Frankel (Richard Frankel), mohan’s position is essentially a senior customer representative (high – end customer support representative).

frankel said, when hiring mohan there are two main reasons, first, because at that time or in the 1990 s, Mr Mohan Gravity can be found at the time of “knew something about the Internet,” one of the few; The second reason is mohan have a rare qualities that he has both the endless desire for knowledge of science and technology, and business management, can be in Gravity in the process of enterprise customer contact to the other party to provide strategic advice.

“he contact with the customer, it is not only help customers to solve their current problems,” said frankel, “he also allow customers fully understand technology so as to maximize the use of Gravity Net Gravity technology, it brings more business to Gravity.” Frankel will soon Gravity important big customers to mohan, mohan successfully put the big customer “become larger.

frankel think mohan success the most important factor, is his natural curiosity. “Normally, to meet with Neil, he would constantly asking questions, he always wants to understand other people talking about the topic of: new field, new company, a customer’s question and so on, he absorb and digest the content, to enrich their own knowledge.”

also in 1997, Net Gravity by another Internet start-up company DoubleClick advertising industry, the latter headquarters in New York, mohan and move from California to New York.

1997 to 2003, Mr Mohan in DoubleClick responsibilities from customer service to sales again to business operations. In solving customer problems at the same time, the mo han is also studying DoubleClick the body of the problem, he restructured DoubleClick 500 people scale sales and technical services team. Internet bubble burst at the beginning of the 21st century, the United States, DoubleClick management to reduce a company’s expenses to solicit comments from mohan, mohan has not only put forward the scheme and successfully lead to perform this scheme, mohan is then DoubleClick promoted to executive vice President of business operations.

in 2003, left DoubleClick mohan, back to Stanford MBA.

two years later, DoubleClick to key points. DoubleClick1998 listed, 1999 paid $1.9 billion for engaged in the Internet data collection of the third party company, Abacus Direct, but the deal was proved to be a wrong decision, deviation from the direction of the development of the company, DoubleClick was crippled. Private equity fund Hellman& Friedman, DoubleClick for $1.1 billion for a fraction of the price and to split it for Double Click and Abacus Direct two parts.

change the Internet display advertising to PPT

Hellman & amp; Friedman, DoubleClick old employees, executive David rosenblatt appointed as the new CEO of DoubleClick, Mr. Rosenblat with the enterprise of millions of dollars each year on the traditional media advertising budget ideal office moved to the Internet.

ideal is good, but the reality is cruel. DoubleClick will have to abandon a lot of assets, on the edge of the development of new business, but also pay a lot of debt. Rosenblatt understand, in order to realize the ideal, you need a strong hand. His first thought, is the former colleagues just got Stanford MBA degree.

when mohan has received an offer to move to several companies, including Google, but he ended up as a product owner, strategic director to join former club DoubleClick.

mohan only raised a requirement: work site must be in California. Mohan’s wife is a New Yorker, in order to to Stanford MBA, he persuaded his wife moved to California, to his wife promised will not move. Mr. Rosenblat agreed to the request, even though it means hiring a never management of product research and development personnel in 3000 miles away a large product research and development team management.

mohan to join, and Mr. Rosenblat immediately set out to build new DoubleClick, two people in the next six months, for DoubleClick developed a new strategy, they will show half a year’s effort in a 400 to 500 pages of PPT file.

my blessings literally, the PPT file for Internet display advertising industry is of epoch-making significance. According to several participated in the drafting of the document or seen the PPT memories, even by today’s vision and standard to look, Google is now also in display advertising business is full of the shadow of the PPT file. And the PPT is also mohan to beat for the new idea of science and technology of the proof of the commercial possibilities of the ability.

the first half of the PPT, detailed predictions from publishers (site), advertisers, and the user’s point of view the development direction of Internet advertising, and in the face of such development direction, DoubleClick should develop what kind of products:

with the digitalization of the world as a whole, the company will be to the publishers and marketers to provide comprehensive solutions, to help them to understand in what price should sell or buy advertising space; And the company will offer content providers or marketers “interaction” and “rich media” advertising form. We believe that the company should be DoubleClick.

in order to realize the prediction and achieve specific revenue targets, the lower part of the PPT concrete calculation of DoubleClick every month should be the number of engineers for a product.

rosenblatt and mohan shows the powerpoint presentation to the board, the board approved the plan. New DoubleClick was born, it has developed three lines of business: core advertising technology solutions, an advertising alliance, as well as an advertising trading platform (AD exchange).

don’t feet a year and a half later, Google for $3.1 billion acquisition of DoubleClick than Hellman & amp; Friedman, the purchase price to turn over more than two times (Hellman & amp; Friedman’s $1.1 billion acquisition of DoubleClick and Abacus Direct fit).

The trust of the


Google DoubleClick in 2007, after a rival followed suit, acquire similar Internet advertising services company, yahoo is spending $680 million to buy the Right Media Exchange, Microsoft has spent $6.3 billion buying aQuantive.

five years later, Microsoft announced aQuantive acquisition thoroughly, the investment of $6.2 billion as a loss of $6.3 billion. Yahoo’s current CEO mayer want to good how to deal with Right Media Exchange.

in contrast, Google, mohan remains responsible for DoubleClick products and strategies, in addition to Mr. Rosenblat leave, DoubleClick team basically all is in Google. What did Google and mohan Microsoft and yahoo could not do?

thanks to a person: Susan Wojcicki (Susan Wojcicki brought up). Susan wojcicki, Google’s advertising business is constructed, including the display advertising business, Google currently 95% of the $50 billion in annual revenue still comes from the advertising. Wojcicki, report directly to Google CEO larry page, larry page to trust her absolutely unlimited, so Google internal have a saying: “Susan, what do you want to have what.”

in 2007, Susan wojcicki, want is DoubleClick, Google bought DoubleClick, in 2008, the acquisition of DoubleClick passed after the government antitrust investigation, wojcicki with DoubleClick team personnel to replace the original display advertising Google team – a controversial move, even Google respected GeKu er, display advertising director William gallas’s (Gokul Rajaram) has also been dismissed. La gallas’s now manages Facebook display advertising business.

it is conceivable that Susan worthy and mohan, I was faced with what kind of pressure, if Mr Mohan team screwed up, wojcicki to bear direct responsibility. Of course, mohan and his team success.

in January 2012, Google announced its 2011 annual display advertising gross business income of $5 billion, Google has yet to be announced in 2012 display advertising revenue, we heard the news is that in 2012 the figure was $7 billion or more, except to partner’s income, Google itself get income accounted for 32%.

very many people think, mohan can succeed in Google’s one big reason is: he can use the engineer to understand the way and they talk about advertising and media. “He can walk into any meeting rooms, explained to everyone a strategic thinking after buying back, his explanation let anyone can understand.” A colleague of Mr Mohan said. “In general, a person to master and master of none or many things, either is fine but not much, but he did more and fine.”