Reveal 360 top engineering: lightning search

360’s mysterious phone project lightning search has finally surfaced, hunting cloud network after days interview to uncover this zhou called top 360 engineering projects.

now 360 in the layout of the mobile Internet is heavily dependent on 360 mobile guards and 360 mobile phone assistant support. The former is a stronghold of 360 decorate in the mobile Internet, while the latter is a platform of “tool”. 360 mobile phone assistant operational space obviously is much larger than the former. This is why baidu can gnashing spend a third of the cause of the cash to buy 91 wireless. Because baidu want to fight in the mobile Internet, only sporadic small points, not enough powerful platform (position), the giant is simply untenable.

but always like come zhou have different thinking, in addition to gaining ground on the mobile end village, he also dozen other idea. Nearly 360 told cloud network hunting, Zhou Hongyi is inside the lightning as 360 and tied for the first 360 mobile phone assistant’s leading engineering, because zhou think he found another way to mobile Internet: that is the means by “clever” integrated PC resource, realize to the migration of the mobile Internet. This ingenious means lightning search.

as the 360 insiders say, lightning search is Zhou Hongyi project after the Spring Festival, 360 search product director Zhao Jun take the lead. It encompasses Zhou Hongyi some thinking.

first, lightning search is for the prick silk. A lot of resources, such as movies, video, etc. On the PC operation more convenient. If you use a mobile phone online watch or download it takes a lot of traffic, and free wifi is not within reach for everyone. Lightning search allows prick silk don’t cost a cent, move the PC resource to mobile phones. The use of psychological have to say is very ingenious and practical, who doesn’t love prick silk?

second, lightning search through 360 mobile phone assistant. How to understand this? Using lightning search must use 360 mobile phone assistant to achieve resources will want to install the mobile phone. That is lightning search users is 360 mobile phone assistant. If there are 400 million users use the lightning search, then 360 mobile phone assistant users will reach 400 million. The strong booster 360 mobile phone assistant coverage. 360 has more than 400 million PC users, the use of lightning search this become warped plate, can achieve the greatest possible migration.

the third resource is, circle the user. From a broader perspective, lightning search in the mobile phone is to circle the user resources, no matter whether users end up using 360 mobile phone assistant, but the essence of lightning search is also a flow distribution channels. Although lightning can search grafting handsets, but in the PC it is still a real resource pool, could be obtained by continuous distribution of interests. Lightning search includes the content of the millet community is enough to see its meaning.

a don’t want to be named the Internet company executives told hunting cloud network “with PC to do the mobile Internet. This is the first Zhou Hongyi? Is not in a strict sense. He is still with 360 mobile phone assistant, 91 mobile phone assistant and peas, is to be a tool between PC and mobile phone, and then use of the resources of PC revitalize the mobile Internet. But zhou also is the powerful, the other tools only realized the transportation resources, and found the source of resources between 360, equivalent to more upstream industry chain.”

“91 wireless move wood, 360 is on the side of a forest, even after 91 wireless wood must be from 360 here. 360 to become the strongest voice in the whole industry chain that again.”

yesterday, Zhou Hongyi at Stanford satisfiedly say, if there is no pressure from 360 to baidu, 91 wireless could not sell is so high. Zhou Hongyi is not optimistic about the outlook for the 91 wireless, on the one hand, his hand is stronger than in 91 360 mobile phone assistant, on the other hand, in another place, Zhou Hongyi has quietly decorated a more than 360 mobile phone assistant more than 91 wireless network.