Reuters: apple’s upcoming golden iPhone mainly aimed at Chinese consumers?

the most high-profile tech news than many news this week that the next iPhone will have a golden edition) (closer to the champagne.

accordingly, CNN a reporter thought topic, write a report. In the article, she notes, “gold has always been a symbol of wealth and power. As big consumers of China, golden iPhone may be more susceptible to the consumer.” In addition, she in the article also lists some evidence, to prove the communications equipment is often the user as the symbol of noble.

however, Reuters is pointed out that after the interview with the Chinese street users if apple really is its market share in China in order to save himself, and golden iPhone, it might appear counterproductive results. The following for Reuters, hunting cloud network compiled:

NiSuYang, Ni Suyang) is a 49 – year – old Beijing state-owned enterprises staff, she said, compared with the color of the phone, she is more value of mobile phone screen and finish. She said: “although the golden watch may be high, but I feel a little tacky.”

actually, gold of rare metal and phone this kind of mass consumer products, are no strangers. From London Gold & amp; Co., has been introduced. In addition, the company also introduced a gilded device, blackberry, sales market of China and India.

even some local Chinese manufacturers producing the gilded mobile phone. Not only that, the sketch maker in shenzhen, inlaid jewelry is on the phone, in order to improve the product’s sense of identity.

got from Beijing international communication consulting company senior vice President Jerry Zou said: “the new color will bring the iPhone for a certain degree of market performance. Obviously, innovation and change is the best means to satisfy Chinese consumers fickle psychology.” However, when it comes to talk when the next iPhone or will use champagne, he says: “some people think that gold (champagne) will give a person a kind of high-end luxury message, but its actual impact strength is limited.”

reporter in an interview in the apple xidan stores found that very few people like champagne.

22, Meng cheung wang Meng Xiang) is working in guangzhou a retail buyer, she said: “gold is the color of men like. I like pink and white. Maybe I will consider to buy my boyfriend a golden iPhone.”

Cui Baocheng 48, bank manager, Cui Baocheng) point of view, on the other hand: “we men are generally like black, champagne’s cell phone is too ugly.”

while apple may be for the new colour to impress the Chinese users like, can this be wacky, is likely to backfire.

in the survey, we found that most Chinese young people think gold is the aesthetic idea of out of date. Case in point is, now many Chinese people like at your own wedding wear white gold (not gold).

xue Fang wang Xu Fang), 28, is a real estate agent, he said: “many color iPhone to prove that the company is to learn to adapt to the consumer’s taste. However, gold is likely to damage apple original brand image in our hearts.”

according to analysys international, China has become the apple products the world’s second largest consumer market. In the second quarter of this year (April to June), apple’s products in China market has plunged 43%. Now, apple’s market share in China is lower than 5%, year-on-year fell by 50% last year.

Shanghai, a Brandon Edwards (Brandon Edwards) designer said: “although the golden apple users can to a certain extent of high-end sense of identity, but the most important problem facing apple in China is to explore new potential user groups. And this group for the so-called high-end feeling, is not so interested.”

in India, also exists the question sound. Mumbai, a mobile phone distributors Manish Khatri said, although occasionally encounter a customer ask gold mobile phone, can be the main factor of restricting people to buy the iPhone in India or high prices. It is reported, this quarter, apple’s market share in India increased by 2%.

to general, gold buyers for savings or a gift decoration, few people have it plated on the mobile phone. What’s more, people found that the metal shell will affect the mobile phone signal.

, 35 Vikas Jindal, is a business in Delhi, is also keen to buy gold consumers, he said: “if I take a golden phone, then I’ll feel stupid. The design of the mobile phone is communication tool, it should be simple, the kinetic energy first.”


pictured above: the legendary “China Boyle fry gold group”