Retina screen version of the mini or will come out in the second half of the year

market research company, an analyst at Paul Semenza to CNET reporter said that the first USES the Retina retina display the mini will be 2013 in the third and the fourth quarter.

“we can see the apple has plans to begin production in the third quarter of this year higher resolution the mini may, “said analyst Paul Semenza said, “as for the Retina retina display the mini time to market, probably should be in the third quarter or the fourth quarter.” He added, while company’s conclusion is based on data from the apple products in the supply chain.

Paul Semenza tell CNET reporter, at present the fourth generation the the resolution used for 2048 x 1536 , if applied the resolution in the the mini , the mini will reach the higher pixel density 324 ppi . This both apple and its partners, is quite a challenge. Apple the mini the fuselage for thickness 7.2 mm, if you want to in the the mini with the retina display technology, you can need appropriate to add some thickness.

the analyst also said that the current LG Display is most likely to become the apple the mini display panel suppliers manufacturers, but others such as au optronics ( AU Optronics ), sharp ( Sharp , Japan Display there is a chance to become apple suppliers also. Especially Japan Display , although at present the company to provide apple the iPhone 5 display panels, but also they are very interested in the tablet market.

prediction accuracy in the company for the industry has not low, so this time about Retina retina screen the mini message, it seems that become the possibility of real-time is quite large.

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iMore edit Ritchie also hold the same view to this, but he predicted that the time is more short, and he even think the fastest next month, we will be able to see the New the mini , but under a the mini should not adopt the retina display. If according to apple released a New tablet for half a year period of the law, so the company is also likely before the end of the year will be launched using the Retina retina display technology of the New the mini .