Reported that the blackberry Z10 U.S. public shares when it meets cold

on March 23, according to foreign media reports, there are reports that the United States market for the new blackberry Z10 smartphones listed reacted coolly, given the extreme importance of the market, on the news, the blackberry shares closed down nearly 8% on Friday.

this high-profile devices in delayed two months later, finally go on sale in the United States on Friday. Its success of the blackberry has resumed in the smartphone industry influence is crucial.

some analysts and media reports that the United States market reaction to Z10 debut.

a market Research company Hudson Square Research analyst Daniel Ernst (Daniel Ernst) said: “this morning, visit our site and make a phone call to the mobile phone retail store, survey blackberry Z10 early requirements. We haven’t found a queuing phenomenon, there are no relevant Z10 listed billboards, store employees said they received the order rarely.”

Z10 had appeared in the U.S. market tumbled blackberry shares, in nasdaq trading on Friday, the blackberry’s shares closed at $14.91, compared with the previous trading day down 7.7%. On the Toronto stock exchange trading on Friday, blackberry’s shares closed at $15.19, compared with the previous trading day down 8%.

many analysts believe that Z10 performance in the fierce competition in the U.S. market, will largely determine whether the blackberry can reverse it is the fate of decline.

the blackberry is currently selling Z10 in about 25 countries, aims to make blackberry 10 operating system can not dispute to become the third largest smartphone market platform. Analysts pointed out that the blackberry is likely to achieve this goal, but still face tough challenges.

morningstar analyst Brian klein le (Brian Colello) pointed out: “I think that relative to other Z10 country, sold the United States will be a bigger challenge.”

he said: “in the United States, the iPhone and Android momentum is very fierce. I still think the blackberry can win some business users, but the influence of the blackberry brand in the market has been greatly than before.”

the blackberry smartphone market once dominated the United States, but in recent years, with the apple iOS and Google android?? Oid the operating system’s equipment in North America and other markets are dominant, blackberry smartphone market share in the United States have fallen sharply.

the blackberry was dominant in the U.S. smartphone market, but in recent years its share has been apple iPhone and Android phones to grab a lot. Now that the blackberry 10 with Microsoft Windows Phone for third place.

the blackberry 10 operating system will compete with Microsoft’s Windows phone 8 platform, to ensure its third position in the market.

of Raymond James analyst Stephen lee (Steven Li) published research report said on Friday: “we believe that in the strategically important markets in the United States, after the blackberry phone will encounter fierce competition.”

although other equipment momentum, but there are some in the industry expect Z10 will do well in the United States.

best buy mobile Scott Anderson, head of the sales department (Scott Anderson) said, according to best buy stores Z10 sales in Canada, best buy has been able to review Z10 demand.

Anderson said: “as the Z10 attention by more and more high, we increased our stores distribution accordingly. Next month, he said, in its new smartphones to HTC and samsung Galaxy S4 listed before, will be Z10 sales opportunity. (Liu Chun)