Ren planning another game: electricity

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after many years, in the face of a electrical contractor with taobao, jingdong famous huawei, huawei staff will remind of huawei terminals in April 2013 the Shanghai meeting, perhaps the future of huawei will named “declaration of ren electrical business.

figure note: ren in South America visit

is set at the beginning of the “one hundred years of solitude” type, not only because of ren zhengfei, the electricity business talk too shocked, and ren electrical business idea is also related to the continent.

“electric business done, we sell the wine also from this, we came back from Argentina to buy beef in the future can also be sold on the Internet. Our goods are real, I control the goods quality. Jingdong, taobao is quality control. We have a supply of goods, more than 140 countries, from every country to buy a good thing on electricity sales, the company’s parts can get online to sell in the future.” Tip people speaking in the retelling ren, he can be the boss of a big and bold imagination shock.

at the beginning of April, in the South American operators boss by private plane from farms, eat barbecue, and all kinds of fruit, after fierce, rigid wind blowing winds of the andes, the idea of ren do big electricity may be brewing fermentation at that time.

ren after you come back from South America, just the annual huawei terminal strategy seminar. At this meeting, ren without hesitation: “you are too rigid. Ren said that he had been opposed to the terminal to do the so-called channel, because to do channel relationship to talk about, and cost is too high, and should develop low cost electricity. “Our priority to the development of low cost, fierce development of low cost, change pattern.”

“I can do it boldly.” Ren zhengfei, huawei is the development of the electricity set the tone. According to people close to the person, may set the tone, huawei electricity brewing a series of actions, the second half of the year there will be a blockbuster product launch.

telecoms equipment maker huawei, turned to electricity, and even the ren aimed at taobao (note: according to the huawei electric business mode should be the day the cat), jingdong, listened this magic does too, span is too big.

but if you understand all the changes of huawei in the field of electricity a year later, maybe it won’t be so surprised, sort of.

I call ren electricity dream magic realism.

huawei electric ShangYuan up

as early as in before electricity dream, huawei had tried to transition to the Internet. In early 2012, in charge of huawei Internet business zhu bo’s resignation, had caused “huawei” without the Internet gene in the industry.

but soon in June 2012, huawei terminal quietly set up the company’s electronic commerce.

the organization structure adjustment is very low-key, almost no knowledge. Public level, is the only visible trace, huawei terminal CSO xu weibo introduction into: from “cloud pipe end” to “e-commerce”!

as early as in 2012 Barcelona telecom during the exhibition, huawei terminal company chairman yu in high-profile publicity “huawei do e-commerce”, 18 March 2012 set for the mall has officially open, but it is undeniable that huawei more meaningful the establishment of the electronic commerce.

early, electronic commerce eldest brother xu is very low-key, for my interview requests, he only replied: “we just set up the department, have nothing to say, do it first.”

“company set up the electronic commerce, the starting point is very high.” Although, according to people familiar with the electronic commerce affiliated with huawei terminal company, now huawei consumer BG, but its independence is very high, operation, management has its own rhythm.

after know the details, in August last year, I wrote an analysis of the huawei electrical business ideas, I think, a high standard of electronic commerce, huawei is the new thinking on the development strategy of the Internet. Huawei is to think through the electronic commerce of operation, through the efforts of mobile phones on electricity and temptation, to find a path to “Internet” in huawei vision: based on e-commerce, combined with the mobile terminal products such as sales, start your own Internet construction. The establishment of the electronic commerce, let huawei completion the Internet access.

profit: huawei electric mode

driven millet shook the traditional mobile phone enterprise Internet marketing model, many mobile phone companies are sold on the Internet, on the one hand and jingdong, suning electric business cooperation, such as a self-built mall.

huawei is not exceptional also, but there are still a little bit different, huawei is huawei didn’t take the on-line channel only as a supplement the offline channel, but doing a special planning, such as the traditional channels and separated from electricity sales of mobile phones and even the mainstream of a new cell phone, first on electricity sales, traditional channels no shop goods.

last year huawei electrical strength of the two phones, one is 2, one is the glory Ascend D1. This year, huawei has P6 is go traditional channels and not in electricity main.

apart from the traditional channels with the electricity pathways, there are two purposes: first, it can be seen that huawei’s emphasis on electricity and to develop, the second is to have a purpose to avoid the “fight” of traditional channels and electricity, to avoid causing confusion price system.

it, it seems that huawei electrical business channel sales of mobile phones is only a few a few. In fact is not the case, huawei has been considered, when the traditional channels after the main mobile phone market main phase, huawei will put it in huawei mall sales, further through electricity “leakage” of traditional channels, do not advocate, is not conflict with the offline channel.

last year, the most popular mobile phone of huawei’s glory four nuclear power business sales very hot, the highest order of 50000 units a day. During the period of American at CES this year, he excitedly said: “our electricity has been profitable.”

terminal operations is the key training for the future of huawei, once a year, huawei terminal strategy seminar will be held. Last year in sanya, internal calls “sanya meeting”. Before and after the meeting in sanya, ren zhengfei, huawei terminal development at four o ‘clock had clear instructions: be profitable, should have the ability of sustainable development, can’t appear malicious inventory, to manage risk.

ren is very pragmatic, “have the profit ability”, under the instructions of low-cost electricity traders began to rapidly, at the same time, huawei has no longer burn advertising. Overall, huawei terminals in profits last year, up and down, according to Richard yu huawei terminal profit growth of 70%.

huawei could be electric big players?

was set up in less than a year, and has been profitable, electricity to test the waters are very accord with huawei ren zhengfei, expectations of terminal development, even let ren to Internet sales have real feelings and larger vision, including selling the beef.

actually, ren zhengfei, sell the idea of Argentina beef is not relate to. Huawei in the operator market cultivation for many years, with the global more than 50 large T relationship is complete harmony, the elder brothers. Ren to South America the estate of a guest, even to South America mine is investigated.

when the telecommunications market in the ceiling, not only in want to how to breakthrough, transformation and even global operators in thinking about the problem. In a sense, perhaps the idea of Argentina beef is not only a ren zhengfei, a person’s vision. Previously, huawei has sell wine e-commerce sites, the electricity pathway is actually a try.

red wine, first the huawei its own internal business needs, secondly, with the source without extra trouble selling on the net also have not cannot. The future of the Internet business, selling anything important, but more important is the marketing channel relationship and the global market.

huawei in 140 countries business contacts for many years, can take advantage of it. According to a friend who came back from Brazil, Brazil locals put Chinese into three types: one is the early immigrants, 2 it is huawei, three are tourists in recent years. Visible, huawei deep root in all over the world.

although ren has a long-term vision, but reveal the information from Shanghai meeting, huawei electromechanical contractor to do the first step is to handle, is the most important thing.

said to Shanghai during the conference, huawei in terminal channel development formed the core idea of adjust measures to local conditions to develop channels. The effect that is as far as possible, channel priority to the development of low cost, to maximize sales coverage. And the electricity will channels of B2C and B2B trading platform role at the same time, as a goal to achieve in stages. In addition, the country gives priority to with open markets, huawei will by strengthening the cooperation with large retail, big bag and realize rapid and efficient channel cover; Basis for the electricity business area, and the development potential of will take priority to the development of electrical business model.

in Internet transmission, huawei has begun to change, began to encourage the staff through weibo and other social media, brands and products, and according to the number of users and influence as a reward standard.

, according to people familiar with the huawei electricity burden the task after the first big movement is glory will release 3. Glory 3 has been released as early as CES, look from the product price is very high, but why still frozen? The glory 3 inside also has a complicated course, eventually landing huawei electrical contractor. This will be the huawei electrical contractor in the second half of the biggest action, trying to pick up stick P6, gaining huawei mobile phones in the market a whirlwind.

just do the mobile TV business, open Internet sales channels. Furthermore, relying on in 140 countries of the world’s supply of goods, playing with a big, plotting a huawei electricity dream, this is Mr Ren is under the other a chess game.

but it feasible? Ren zhengfei, this game is too big?

although ren mentioned in his speech, taobao, jingdong, but look from huawei’s resources, electricity business model, with the former two large-scale comprehensive electric positioning is not the same. Ren’s idea is very simple, not must be made or taobao, jingdong, is to use its own resources advantage, with the minimum cost to do something most feasible. To some extent, is actually a complement to existing electric dealer market, based on high quality source of unique electrical contractor.

years about Bryan ren, daring to dry, still have more momentum than young people. And, more importantly, ren zhengfei, always talking. I think that, huawei electricity dream though a little magic, but still has a realistic significance.

jack ma, liu, what do you think?