Ren first remarks: members of the family will never enter the replacement sequence

ren mail said publicly that he has a family of four members working in huawei, but “they never enter succession sequence. This is the first time Mr Ren is outside speculation about the succession of the family.

the following email is the full text:

email approval document issued by [2013] no.56: ren

ren shareholding employees congress on the

on March 30, 2013,

a vote after the resolutions, the post said three aspects of problem from the point. A, rumors about the company’s listed problems; Second, speculation about succession problem; Three, questions about my relationship with the media.

a, clarify about listed company

the development of any company is only listed a way, don’t allow some companies accumulate slowly growth. These companies mainly engaged in the management and give priority to, rather than give priority to with capital operation. Outside listed problems to our company, I am responsible for clarification. Board for more than 20 years, never study listed questions, because we believe that the listed are not suitable for our development. Xu straight army recently to address certain operators at the top, is on behalf of the board of the will. Xu said: “the next 5 ~ 10 years, the company does not consider the overall listing, regardless of the spin off listing, regardless of the through the way of merger, mergers, acquisitions, access to capital. Will not joint venture with external capital projects, in order to avoid being dragged into the trap of capital. Over the next five to ten years, the company is committed to the administrative reform, efforts to the company from a centralized company, by putting the responsibility and power forward, people could hear guns to call for artillery fire. By the authority from the control type, a shift to the service, support, forming a modern management to meet the needs of modern enterprise.” I am fully support the idea, so about that there is no basis for a company to go public.

2, about the succession

attention to this problem has for a long time, I am responsible for to clarify some doubts:

1, the company is not my own, so the successor is not my word, but you have the final say. The deified me, actually not. The beginning and I am proud my ability not line, just choose the meritocracy, if not, maybe years earlier the company was eliminated by history. Company is so big now, and will not go back to choose crony of choose and employ persons. Because the company is a collective leadership and success of many things, you don’t know what to wear a hat on the head of the who, press into my head. In fact I wearing a straw hat.

2, rotating CEO running is very good today, not tomorrow’s operation on the rotating chairman of the board. Huawei’s board of directors is not representative of the capital, also represents a Labour party (currently director must be employees). In front of 25 years of success, we balanced development well, not exactly over the next 20 years could not find a better balance of the development of solutions. We three to five years will work hard to promote administrative reform, 3 ~ 5 years later, we will promote the reform of the governance structure and the operating mode. Reform fast, easy to tear is cracked difficult management, set up a gap, does not travel will be more smooth, moving too quickly. Large amounts of capital inflows, can make the blind diversification, huawei and stall.

3, there are four people in my family work in huawei company. I said before, more than 20 years ago, there was a man with a backpack belt in lanzhou, carrying small switches, take the train to the counties and districts to promote my relatives; In xixiang factories for half year package is installed, dressed in shorts, nail packing was stripped to the waist, then installed in sichuan handling cargo, damage of the lumbar spine is one of my relatives,… Two or three days before the labor is still in work, postpartum and will resume to work is my family, they are all by our own labor, in huawei’s effort to work. They are only a professional managers, will never enter the successor of the sequence. I’m clear to everybody to less suspicion, so as not to waste your energy.

huawei’s successor, besides we speak before view, character, will demand, but also to the vision of value evaluation, and the ability to control the business environment.

huawei’s successor, has a vision of global market, trading and service target execution ability; As well as to the new technology and the deep understanding of customer demand, and have the ability to not stuck in the past.

huawei’s successor, must also have the end-to-end huge amount of business flow, logistics, cash flow to the company… , simplify the management ability; …… .

my family don’t have the ability, as a result, they will never enter the replacement sequence.

three, my relationship with the media

for the media, I was almost completely transparent. 20 years, I wrote many articles, in addition to the eu’s speech, all is my thinking and authored, completely on behalf of my voice. Don’t have to face to face interview in order to be transparent, Shanghai is also possible. These articles, it is fully open in the company online, the outside also can see the transparent. I think the article is fully open, so, I also calculate a written accepted the media interview. I often look at the problem of attention on the Internet, to solve these problems, in fact, I already answered in the article.

on 28 April 2013

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