Reeder returned: iOS version Reeder2 refight RRS


Google Reader since announced the closure of services, many based on GR resources RSS subscription product would have received death alarm. In the RSS ecological architecture is disorder, the future is not yet clear, RSS Reeder quick response and timely update the iPhone client products, and open to support the third-party service. But when Reeder after all or some of the controls – the the client did not synchronize updates. Thus the Reeder with 7 on 1 , GR close service into hibernation. The original user have to picked up his home to find a substitute for, in order to keep the information update. Now, a few months later, Reeder back RSS the battlefield with 2.0 version of the Reeder , fully compatible with iPhone and the .

Reeder 2 using the new design, and support the new sorting – similar to the Fever Hot List “ will be information sorted by weight; And add the function of slip out of share right. But Reeder2 should be the biggest feature of sync – Reeder2 this can be in the iPhone and the in use at the same time. Unfortunately, so far, the two I platform Reeder2 god did not achieve synchronization, development on the functional characteristics have different rhythm, so often cannot successful synchronization. Reeder developers Silvio Rizzi also aware of this. He said, Reeder2 the main goal is to make Reeder to return to RSS runescape in the field with iPhone version Orient ourselves. So it seems that this little regret is understandable. Then again, Reeder2 there are still many [- a new gesture, smart update Feed Wrangler the information source, the renaming of subscribed resources function are improvements with heart and new idea. Rizzi also said that in the future Reeder or will add more service, maybe there will be the theme module, everything is in expectation.

the Reeder2 in App Store shelves, price 4.99 $(China price 30 ocean & gt; & lt; ). Just call is… Existing users couldn’t free upgrade.

p.s. small make up words, Reeder (i.e., the first generation of Reeder now is free, can use!)