Read apple Q2 results: make money, but ‘not as crazy as he used to be

apple announced today 2013 in the second quarter earnings. Apple Q2 total revenue 436 $, earnings per share 10.09 $, its net profit for the 95 $. After analysts expect its revenue 418.2 $, earnings per share for 9.92 yuan, and apple itself expected earnings after the 410 $to 430 $, between what is expected to announce estimates of no profit. This is from 10 in the apple falling profits for the first time, year-on-year profit dropped 18% .

Mac 400 ten thousand, iPod 560 ten thousand. Compared with the same period last year, iPhone sales flat, the sales compared to the same period of last year’s 118 ten thousand rose, but the Mac and iPod sales are falling.

you concerned about most is how much is the gross profit margin on apple, estimates that in the 375 million to 385 between $, compared to a year ago 474 $fall a lot, and lower earnings mainly because the mini this product low profit margins. Apple CFO (cfo) in the earnings conference call confirm this.

apple Tim cook said: “we are very glad to for this report, 3 month quarter income benefit from iPhone and the continued strong performance. Our team are working hard, developed a number of amazing new hardware, software and services. Our products are within our control channel sales, it makes us very excited.” Apple CFO Peter said: “apple is still has very strong production capacity, operating cash flow we have 125 $cash balance will be achieved by the end of the quarter 1450 $.

Q3 quarterly forecast: apple for the third quarter of prediction is relatively conservative

expected revenue between $33.5 billion to $35.5 billion

gross margin between 36% and 37%

operating expenditure between $3.85 billion to $3.95 billion

other expenses (income) is us $300 million

apple now cash reserves (including cash, short term and long term investments) about 1450 $.

Compare and assess

apple’s overall income and consumption is slightly higher than analysts had predicted. Apple Q1 quarter is influenced by many factors, including only the 13 weeks of sales data, compared to the same period of last year’s data is and week. So Q2 quarter will be more meaningful. Also note that these figures beat expectations of apple ( 520 $revenue, profit of 117.5 $). Ditto quarter 13 weeks of sales figures, iPhone rose 37% , the rose 60% . For the last quarter only 13 weeks this problem, apple claims this is the new arrangement. They provide an estimate of the range, rather than a specific value.

2012 , Q2 quarter, apple’s revenue for 391.9