Rare oh! Taiwan company of science and technology means of samsung’s challenge

Beijing time on April 22, according to foreign media reports, Taiwanese technology companies has been to samsung as a major threat, in recent years, due to samsung in the smartphone, memory chips and displays in areas such as comprehensive, make Taiwan manufacturers’ life more and more sad.

as the global economic situation has been unclear, samsung’s sales also fell, even in his native South Korea is also can’t avoid.

performance decline, samsung are increasingly worried about the economy depends on exports of Taiwan will continue to erode its share of the market. So, samsung in their marketing activities, directly to Taiwan’s technology companies as the target, consciously mislead consumers, thus improve their sales.

last month, Taiwan’s top business magazine this weekly, condemned the samsung electronics for fear of their own sales fell against Taiwan’s technology companies, such as the world’s largest chip components provider Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company.

recently, Taiwan fair trade commission announced that will be an official investigation to samsung’s vicious competition events. It is reported, after it emerged that samsung had to hire some students on the Internet to spread against competitors, and mislead the public to buy their products.

although Taiwan companies continues to face challenges that samsung but the personage inside course of study says, samsung are basically unable to fully control of Taiwan’s technology industry.

look, samsung tried to enter those areas is very profitable, but Taiwan technology companies in these areas are doing very well. Others said, however, samsung is not completely is against Taiwan’s company, but the whole trend of the development of science and technology market is forcing them to do so.

a samsung electronics spokesman also said that they did not specifically on the Taiwan company’s market strategy, the reports are not true.

now, Taiwan’s technology companies is very understand, they must maintain efficient, follow the direction of the market, otherwise it will end up like the Japanese technology giant SONY in the decline of the industry, it is South Korea’s samsung and SONY’s rivals. Taiwan’s high-tech exports reached $98 billion last year, almost 20% of the total cost of the whole production accounted for the island.

because of concerns that their market share by samsung gradually eroded, many Taiwanese manufacturers are actively cooperation with Japan and the United States company, to deal with samsung’s competition. Investigate its reason, or because the technology industry is too important for Taiwan’s entire economy. In the partner companies, apple is the most powerful in the United States, but it was reported that samsung has overtaken apple last year became the world’s largest producer of smartphones.

in addition, Taiwan’s government is also to help local companies, so that when they compete in foreign can work together, because, in the face of the giants like samsung solely on the strength of a company is completely not enough.

Taiwan’s industrial technology research institute, a market researcher said, “we hope that the technology companies in the early stages of product development to share supplier resources, rather than wait until after the new parts delivery to start production.”

this researcher said, there is a pilot program is under way, like a smartphone maker HTC is trying to use more from the Taiwan company’s processor.

as of last year, HTC is one of the world’s largest producer of smart phones, the company has launched the world’s first android smartphone, this has brought it a lot of cash. But now, the company can use struggling to describe in this market, its market share has been preempted, samsung and apple two companies in the field of smart phone brand effect also decline significantly.

in semiconductor, Taiwan enterprises compete with samsung is intensifying, the field can be said to be the way of Taiwan’s technology industry.

samsung seems to have money to burn. In the past, its main production of memory chips used to store data, is now turned to the more lucrative logic chip, because the chip is the brain of various kinds of digital devices.

in addition, samsung also invest heavily in the mold manufacturing, the first is the Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company. It is reported, TSMC is mainly to big companies like apple and qualcomm chip.

TSMC chairman and founder of the chang think samsung is very terrible, but he also said his company is fully capable of all kinds of challenges.

in the past year, TSMC in 20 nm and 16 nm chip areas significantly increased the investment, because the two product line is the world’s most advanced technology, can greatly improve the speed and reduce power consumption.

these technologies can make chips TSMC produce a better application. It is understood that these chips in the future will be configured directly to apple’s new generation of the iPhone and the device. At present, apple still had to samsung purchasing these components, and samsung is apple in smartphones and tablets on the market the biggest competitors, apple if too dependent on samsung parts supply, the consequences could be catastrophic. However, there are analysts say apple want to reduce dependence on samsung, it is not easy to operate, because samsung in addition to direct production, is also involved in the design of processing chip.

a long time, apple is hope can have the capability, TSMC, catch up with samsung as soon as possible. Apple is very willing to wait, because they hope that the future can no longer rely on samsung. TSMC is very clear this, so in this aspect are also to invest.

the personage inside course of study says, global companies like apple won’t always rely on samsung chips, because worried that samsung will steal their latest product design.

and TSMC has the advantage that it is just a foundry company, won’t produce chips, with its own brand and customer business secret protection in a good word of mouth.

if you have other companies to look for a person to contract, then the TSMC is undoubtedly the best choice.

samsung, another face huge competition in Taiwan is RCL precision manufacturing technology company, is also known as foxconn. The company for the global contract, the contract products including apple’s iPhone and the tablet. It is understood that the company’s main factory is located in mainland China.

at present, RCL is a problem faced by chimei innolux, a company production screen. As early as three years ago, RCL to buy the chi mei, but then chi mei suffered a performance of landslide, to a great extent, is due to the samsung caused by the huge pressure of competition. In recent years, the company increased investment in energy saving LED display, because the screen is one of important parts in the future.

as a response to the competition, RCL chairman terry gou, last year bought a 10% stake in sharp. In recent years, the day of the sharp is not very tough, but, after all, the company is biggest rival samsung in the display field.

a lot of people think that the deal, the apple behind the great strength, because apple is very hope, you can purchase from outside of the samsung company iPhone, tablet, and even the future iTV display.

however, RCL the deal but was forced to delay, because of the sharp declined to gou to enter the company’s board of directors. But at the same time, the sharp to the samsung to sell his 3% stake.

the personage inside course of study says, RCL is currently the world’s largest OEM enterprises, the efficiency is very high. However, if the RCL which day not line, so affected the will is not only the company itself, some other important company in Taiwan also be affected, even spread to apple.

in addition, samsung has shown great strength in attracting technology talented person also, and this is definitely an important factor decided the success or failure of the high-tech companies.

in recent years, the south Korean company in Japan, China mainland and Taiwan of a big MAC in a large number of search of top talent, often with high salary means to attract experienced people. In addition, samsung will also be local employees sent to other countries to study, work, and more familiar with the local market.

in addition to the chip industry, on a flexible display, is expected to use smart watches, street lighting, and other applications, samsung is likely to be in conjunction with Taiwan companies to compete.

at least in three years, Taiwan’s manufacturers can also maintain their competitive advantage. But, after the situation how, depends entirely on how much their upfront costs. At present, the Taiwan government is to their own high-tech industry provide convenient, actually has fallen behind South Korea, however, because many years ago south Korean national strategy is to attract high-tech investment and support the industry. To really keep competitive advantage, the Taiwan government and science and technology company also need to make greater efforts.