Quartz: Twitter announced this week the IPO plan, may log on to the nyse before Thanksgiving

today, Quartz quoted sources said that Twitter will be published this week in the listing plan. In addition, insiders revealed that Twitter hope to be able to login before Thanksgiving formal nyse.

on September 12, Twitter announced that it has filed with the SEC IPO plans secret. In fact, as early as July Twitter has completed the submit the above documents. Analysts believe that Twitter is hoping to grab disclosure in the media before the foreign “fresh air”, in order to avoid market was too abrupt.

Twitter “secret” proposals from the Obama administration last year through. The provisions allow annual revenue under $1 billion in the growth of the company can be raised, and the company can also be for a period of time don’t open their performance indicators (must be open in the third week of the roadshow).

however, the sources also pointed out that, the change of market and government departments may make Twitter plans to delay.