Qualcomm joined intelligent release smart watches Toq watch company

Beijing time 9 on 4 at night, qualcomm has released a new smart watch Toq . According to the statement, the smart watch will use low-power Mirasol screen technology, and android devices can be attached.

similarly, samsung also released its named the Galaxy Gear smart watch. the Galaxy Gear with 1.6 in screen, which can be life 25 hours. The Toq carry is color capacitance screen, at the same time, life will be a few days. Toq will be able to combine the smartphone display text messages, phone calls, weather information, and can control the music play.

Toq prototype in fact, as early as early as show Mirasol screen technology of model. Mirasol screen technology that is mainly used in color e-reader. Qualcomm to regain the technology now, show is hoped that by Toq market better display Mirasol the new technology. The “ Toq (pronounced “ Talk “) smart watch will measure in the fourth quarter of this year. at the moment, qualcomm did not immediately announce the screen size and price and other details.

Toq in the to Miraso screen technology. The 2011 years, Mirasol screen technology has been regarded as a LCD screen technology to more efficient. In addition, Toq will also implement wireless charging, and can support smart phone via bluetooth connection to music playing. Qualcomm is developing wireless charging technology WiPower one of the leader, WiPower kind of charging technology will be able to realize wireless charging, and support the technology of digital devices will not have to cling to row of plug and socket “live”.

Toq “audio suits edition” will match the headphones. The user can realize voice calls through this headset functionality. And based on the Toq application can make smart phone remind message communicated to Toq the watch. Toq will be compatible with the 4.0.3 over the android mobile phone.

in the process of introduction, qualcomm Paul jacobs, Toq set to permanent open, and keep the connection state, so that users can be between “one hand with one ear,” get needed information.

Toq will continue to upgrade through software. Qualcomm’s Xiao godson slice is used in many tablets and smartphones, and developers on these chips have developed specialized applications.