QQ2013 version: fake with life micro letter?

micro letters and QQ tencent internal contradiction has become known to the outside world, after Liu Chengmin outs, tencent to adjust the new architecture, micro letter in victory in the first leg of the QQ.

however, as the QQ 2013 recently released the third beta, we found the QQ group is brewing a counter attack of micro letter, while the main attack means is “shanzhai” micro letter and free of charge function. These fake features include:

multiplayer real-time voice communication: PC QQ can be real-time voice communication directly with mobile phone QQ friends, now many people discussion group can also do so.

QQ cable: this feature, users can at any time in the mobile phone QQ and PC QQ to share information.

get figure from a distance, the user can be invoked in the PC chat window mobile client photo album, send to friends.

more noteworthy is an update to QQ more terminal news, according to tencent introduced this feature allows the user to see more terminal within 7 days all chats. And used QQ value-added business people know, QQ information roaming function in the past belongs to the QQ member privileges, which means the function of the QQ will users have to pay for the past is open to all users, but also has more equipment roaming between this new feature.

business free of charge to use, it seems that QQ team in order to counter attack micro letter is poured.

source: sohu IT