Qihoo 360, tencent’s case against sentence: 360 all the request was rejected

3 on and morning news, qihoo 360 v. tencent company dispute case today. The higher people’s court of guangdong province qihoo 360 all the claims and litigation costs 79 ten thousand yuan by the 360 assume. 360 representative lawyer says, will be consulting firm opinion before deciding whether to appeal.

according to the media present weibo said that the whole process of sentencing for 20 more minutes, the court said 80 page book will open later. Guangdong judge on the court of first instance, instant messaging and weibo constitute a strong competition and substitution, and this is a global market, competition fully, tencent there is no dominant market position, don’t abuse.

2010 year, tencent and 360 has launched a , caused many netizens attention, this case is a follow-up.

Last year,

4 on 18 , 360 in the guangdong provincial high court against tencent’s litigation the abuse of dominant market position, the lawyers fighting near 7 hours, tencent instant messaging software involved in relevant market how to define the , tencent is in a dominant market position , if tencent abuse of dominant market position , etc.

the case review

2010 , 9 month, qihoo privacy protector , monitor tencent whether the violation of user privacy. 2010 , 11 month, tencent to user published an open letter to the user software and 360 but can only choose one between software, which lead to the two companies contradictions into the open.

then, tencent think qihoo 360 this alleged unfair competition, qihoo 360 to court, to stop the infringement, and claim 1.25 one hundred million yuan of economic losses. The 2010 , 10 , 360 also to Sue tencent for abuse of dominant market position, and claim 1.5 one hundred million yuan.

qihoo 360 1.5 hundred million yuan and tencent’s 1.25 one hundred million yuan each claim, also become involved in the Chinese Internet history’s largest lawsuits between the two companies.

Last year,

4 on 18