Push Google Google Keep notes application online and then removed

earlier today, Google introduced a new application notes – Google Keep, but was later removed, but before being removed, Android Police to capture, now only Android Police capture and website photos. Google is Keep Google notes applications, it can record notes, through the different colors to distinguish the notes, insert images or create listing

from the screenshot you can see, Google Keep similar to Google Notebook or company (much like Google Notebook users). Google Notebook allows users to clip and organize information from Internet, but as early as January 2009 was offline processing. This is not the first time, Google Keep leaked in July last year, Google accidentally released on the official Google + links “save to Keep Google”.

if Google Keep really enter the market, compare to other applications such as company, Pocker and Onenoet into competition. Other applications may be joined Google blacklist, including the Google Chrome browser Play News and the introduction of Google Now, etc.

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