Promising investment artificial beef? Anyway, Google’s sergey brin is believed

Beijing time on August 6, news, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, (Sergey Brin) has morphed into a financial sponsor of the project, the content of this project is cultivated in the laboratory of beef, are regarded as the future of meat.

the Dutch food program produced by the burger, the beef is made in London on Monday launched publicly for the first time tasting activities. Project leader believes that in the next 10 to 20 years, the burger will appear in the supermarket shelves.

this project is director of research at the University of Maastricht (Maastricht University), professor Mark (Mark Post) in Perth, he revealed brin have artificial cultivation of beef research work for the investment of 700000 euros ($930000). The goal is to find a sustainable alternative for animal husbandry industry, is expected in the future for the whole food industry to make greater contribution. Brin investment make laboratory scientists can use beef muscle stem cells to create enough meat fiber, so as to make three hamburgers, 140 grams of each burger contained in were developed in the 20000 muscle fibers.

over the weekend, two burgers in private. Couch ‘s Great House Restaurant hotel chef Richard McCaw gonow grace (Richard McGeown) prime locations in London Hammersmith (Hammersmith) Riverside Studios hotel on the stage, the scene made a third hamburger. Australian food writer han, LuZeLe (Hanni Rutzler) and from the United States food writer Josh wade (Josh Schonwald) invited to try to eat, two people to the conclusion that the burgers have meat to eat, but the quality of a material is dry, may also have some bland taste. The lab training lack of beef fat, which is different from the flesh of animals, which even have fat pork, can have the lubrication effect.

“meat taste, but I think the lack of fat, meat is too thin. However, taste like traditional burger. As to the problem of the most obvious, is certainly not taste good.” Wade said. LuZeLe said: “I hope the meat quality of a material can be more softer. Very close to the real meat, although not enough juice, but the thick thickness is perfect.”

brin like for those who have the future socialist scientific elements of project investment. In addition to the artificial cultivation of beef project, he has also invested in private space flight, mining planets, such as electric cars and genomics projects. He laboratory in a video interview talked about London Hamburg project, says it is looking for a kind of technology, which “seems very close to the feasible; If successful… You really can to a great extent, change the world “.

brin agreed to Perth’s idea, namely the today’s world needs a way of meat production, the mode of production should be more on the breeding of livestock breeding, to the requirement of resources is relatively low. He said: “(on the issue of people eating meat) basically three things are possible, the first is that we will become a vegetarian, I think it’s unlikely; The second is we will ignore the problems facing now, and it will continue to harm the environment; The third option is we need to do something new.”

Perth, said he was to connect with the food industry, at the same time also in a conversation with Mr Brin, raising financing for the next phase of the research work. In this phase, the project scientists will need around 10 million euros ($13.25 million), to add natural fat cells in laboratory breeding beef and more myoglobin. But if you want to expand production, and will the beef into the market, it will take more investment.

source: tencent technology