Product managers think: at four o ‘clock shouldn’t simply meet user requirements

the author: a new search, taobao search product owner (33)

product manager is a very odd jobs, like most people can do, because everyone has their own opinion on a product, can put forward some opinions and ideas, and even can realize the principle of design; Also as most people do bad product manager, because tens of thousands of products on the Internet, most is junk, few products are users really feel very good.

I do product manager, less than two years, before ten years has been doing technology. Before doing technology, I very disdain for product manager. Thought: product manager not achieve anything, every day is some ideas, and ideas are often unreliable, if which day job cuts, a product manager position is the most dangerous; But when I turn to do the product manager, fundamental changes have taken place in ideas: well, the product manager is too important to the future of a product is decided upon product manager.

ask me now how do you think a technician? Hey hey, I think now, technology is a sword, let it kill who will kill who! Of course, this is just a joke. A good technical team for product manager, it is very important.

how to do the product manager, I also really is primary school students, their own responsible for taobao search the nearly two years no big improvement. Especially at Zhou Hongyi, xiao-long zhang about some of the products after interview, I found myself more in this gap.

I have an advantage, however, is good at learning, thinking, summarizing and share. But as a layman to enter this field, the Angle of the watch will be different. This more than a year down, also found some feeling, found around some of the product manager, some error easily, share with you.

1, the product manager, rather than functional manager.

this sentence I hear Tmall President at large was the first son said, there was no feeling, now found that is very reasonable, because around too much product manager actually do a functional manager.

they just kept on the product functional requirements, and constantly realize product function. Lack of login, design a login box; Without the data, to find a platform through; Management is not convenient, design a tool to manage; Page not beautiful, reorganize the page structure…

function manager, is very busy every day, pay attention to how much demand in the line, the demand is satisfied. And user experience how function whether really is valuable, whether can be more perfect, functional managers rarely care. When someone complained about a function bad, he will say:

I already have this function, experience is not very good, you say? Can’t, engineer resources so nervous ah, why do you say design so difficult? Think up to gas, big boss not require such ah, we can only such design, have no way!

he often express is he also forced to work on, put the blame on others.

do a qualified product manager, however, need to focus on the user experience, and really focus on the user feedback, pay attention to the quality of the data, pay attention to every detail. Like a pair of shoes, not only can wear, but also consider whether fit, are comfortable, design is beautiful.

once the meeting, President of taobao language yan deeply sister said, very simple but very reasonable, the product can and use completely is not the same thing!

2, realize the product demand, rather than the user requirements.

this topic is very interesting. When you ask what you need, he will answer him need a faster horse. Jobs said, ask not what the user wants to forever! Because the user is a fool, don’t know what they want.

this is the product manager is often the user requirements for product demand. For all users, are correct, they are their expectations, but it is not product demand. Xiao-long zhang interview the other day, xiao-long zhang said that he don’t look at the user’s data. Actually very care about the needs of users, xiao-long zhang xiao-long zhang and I in a group, if someone in the group of carry a small letter use function, not xiao-long zhang will give feedback soon.

these products a great god, the meaning behind, should not simply meet user requirements, and should consider the user demand for refined to product requirements. When a product’s users have millions of millions of time, the understanding of the product demand and refined, is very important.

is easier to understand this truth, don’t do much explanation.

3, should be the icing on the cake, not gild the lily.

the development of the Internet, make a lot of Internet product managers have a inertia: do product iteration is faster. Quick, quick change. There are misunderstandings, for some of the basic functions, do fast online, rapid overlapping generations. Because there is competition in the market, need to quickly cut into the market, for the user. Most of the product manager, however, did not have a chance to design a new product from scratch, most of the time on the existing product upgrades or optimization. Then design a lot of features, are the function of the icing on the cake, really too fast.

the function of the icing on the cake, equally important, can make the product more fun, more interesting, more features. Such as the earliest WeChat design of shake, circle of friends. Weibo micro issue, before the gifts of the functions.

the problem is that the icing on the cake,), it is a flower, add up to speak common point, can’t add up to is one tuo excrement. If the latter, then a little well enough alone, or a small function.

what is a flower? To be added later, function will allow the user to shine at the moment. Give a person with “wow!!!!!! “Feeling…

it is a pity that many features added before taobao search is not a flower, online too much the function of the gild the lily. These functions once launched, it is difficult to logoff. Because when you have hundreds of millions of products of users, bad another function, also can have hundreds of thousands of users in the use of a day. Once you are offline, there will be a lot of people very uncomfortable.

with store bought on taobao search smack the. Technical implementation cost is high, experience in general, people with much. There was a time when we get this function is hidden, someone on twitter said:

I want to do now, is to find a knife killed a taobao search product managers to solution and I simply can’t find my the most commonly used to store to buy!

the more the function of the gild the lily, make the product with the more garbage, cause good functions do not have the resources to do, the function of the poor and can’t logoff.

4, the pursuit of human nature, rather than the pursuit of perfection.

a lot of product manager, pursuit of perfection. This is as a product manager, good quality, however, one thing is often ignored by the product manager, the product of human nature.

there is no perfect product forever, especially when a product when I get millions of millions of users. User preferences differ in thousands ways. How to let users enjoy the advantages of the products at the same time can tolerate product weaknesses?

you see win the beauty contest, often have a sigh, why is it so ugly also can have the first three! Because the judges tastes so special? Some of the judges reason, of course, but more the reason is that everyone to everyone’s aesthetic view is different. Everyone is the pageant as a perfect person to judge.

in fact, no matter choose who is the champion, will someone feel ugly. Any one product, no matter how useful functions, the product manager to launch will someone didn’t like it!

however, treat friends around you, wouldn’t be asking them, by the standards of the beauty they have significant drawbacks, but there are many worthy of appreciation. We subscribe to the ghost feet seven WeChat, most people don’t expect, ghost feet seven every article in line with their own tastes. Someone to watch, just looking at “seven elder brother chat” will find it interesting. Why is that? Because we would not expect the ghost feet. This account is the perfect account number, the ghost foot seven, as a friend in view. Ghost feet seven disadvantages, also has advantages.

if you can allow users to our products as the friends around to look at? The feeling will be not the same.

a do taobao operation colleagues told me exclamation: one day I suddenly felt the siege of the lion near me, every siege lion heart there lived a poet! I asked why suddenly have this feeling? She said one evening and found a TMS system within the taobao suddenly on the title bar of a words:

everyone’s pressure, a few from survival, most from the competition.

this sentence, let the user feel the engineer behind the product. Remember WeChat has a version of the text on the welcome page:

less send WeChat messages and more and meet friends!

just this sentence, let me feel the psychological activities of the group of people behind the products. WeChat minor flaws, I can tolerate.

is this sentence, I like WeChat.

human, let products began to have a soul?

how to make the product more human? How to make taobao search more human? Is I’ve been thinking about. I define the search keywords: 2013 professional and interesting. Hope to let more people to 2013, taobao search as a friend, rather than a tool.

wrote so many, look back to see me this article, seem to have no product design method, just some thought, that’s all.

the author is introduced: the ghost of seven feet, a simple person, share electricity, taobao dynamic changing information, search, product design, management experience, life feeling; Literature and art, occasionally occasionally deep. To do a thoughtful person! WeChat account: taobaoguijiaoqi, friending reply m after all the posts before you can see the author.

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