Pressy: inserted in the mobile phone headphone jack multifunctional physical buttons

in a full touch-screen era today, various mobile devices are measured to avoid physical buttons (except the volume button and open the key). However, is that some geeks, loves to invent something, to overthrow the existing trend.

recently, Nimrod Back and Boaz Mendel, the two young people, it has developed a small object, named “Pressy” challenges the whole concept of touch screen. Pressy is a tiny buttons, by plugging in smartphones headphone slot, can help users achieve a series of services can be set.

after the phone into the small equipment, users can in Pressy mobile phone applications, set up different tasks. By selecting different press the number, and, on the length of time, users can customize different commands. Short, for example, according to a Pressy, can start taking pictures function; Long time, can start the recording function and so on.

in addition, the device also applies to all carry on Android devices (Android2.3 and above). Pressy developers said that the Pressy can achieve a variety of functions, thus it can effectively reduce the power consumption of the phone.

but, what if when you need to use a headset? Pressy would have thought of that. The user can plug Pressy in a trait of key chain. After the plug in headphones, through adjust the headset button, also can realize Pressy function.

at present, the product is, and on the first day of activities, more than the original target of $40000. If you also like the device, then you can be in the next 45 days, log on the website, become a Pressy donors. Pay only $17, you can enjoy the Pressy bring pleasure to use. Or, you can draw on $45, get a golden Pressy key chain with a trait. However, this product is expected to emerge after four months.