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Advantages of Religion and Medication

Every person has what he or she believes in the power that is above his own power. What one does when one got sick is what depicts on what powers he believes in it can be out of religion, traditional practices and cultures. What happens when a patient have illness and sickness he goes to the doctor with both the physical elements of illness and the other aspect of spirituality in her or his mind.

The following are the advantages of religion and medication. The religion aspect makes that patient who is failing to have faith that all is going through will be over . When someone has suicidal mind he can do things that are harmful to his general wellbeing the religion brings about the aspect that committing suicide is a sin hence one who has faith cant is to think about it .

There is an aspect of morality in the religion some of the diseases like STD and HIV &AIDS transmitted through sex can be prevented by living morally upright. The religious has promoted the wellbeing of individuals the community and the entire world in the general since some the diseases don’t need medication what they need is to live upright.

This is because someone is able to have a control over his life and not having to bear a lot of burdens that one can’t able to handle by being happy always . Those who are strict with the religion are able to avoid them hence they don’t have any chances of having related diseases. You find that even one way of recovering from substance addiction is by having spiritual nourishment alongside with other medications.

Most of the deaths are associated with certain diseases and this means if there are religious practices that can refrain you from getting those diseases that mean you won’t have to die soon .

Who fear the repulsions of doing the wrong things for example punishments and what they do is they get an attachment to religion just to be secured a good life in the next life after death. The religion is able to equip someone with guidelines on how to live a positive mind that is you are able to see life beyond the faults and shortcomings of life .

The spirituality aspect of life help someone to cope with all forms of pain may it physical or emotional pain . Positive thinking can make you heal and live a life of purpose .

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