Physical keyboard type mobile phone have a future?

the author: Steve O ‘Hear

Steve? Jobs to reply my mail is already three years ago. 2010 , 6 on a sunny day, in the letter about the life of me a coffee charged letters suggests the arrival of the touch screen, what is more surprising, apple unified standard for iphone completely abandoned the traditional physical keyboard.

although I was complaining to jobs, I because of body reason lead to some difficulty in touch, let alone to control other physical buttons. However, graphical interface, computer operation and use the mouse to control their technology, jobs are the pioneers of the field, and introduces this technique successfully to MAC in the computer, which let me like a normal person, when touch has become the mainstream in the input method, it have the power to the world.

“of course it is a sort of ideal color”, I then write to TechCrunch said, “although there is always some new products on the market, but I don’t think this is the ideal or the possibility of implementation.” Fast to 2013 years, there is only one possible condition, that is a dream come true. Is the performance of the mobile phone industry, people are very fond of their “big screen”, more writing on this glass.

I personally not quite agree with this point of view, in the right as a physical keyboard and virtual keyboard, market is the most right to speak, they will decide what does – which, while those who don’t believe in touch technology will be out of touch. But, unfortunately, a lot of evidence that the outcome is not seen, even current touch camp at a disadvantage.

iphone in the first few years, its competitors and evil people mixed up with dual touch screen buttons manipulation of the type of smart phone into the market, going to advantage more through their typing experience to win market with apple. But they eventually be defeated by a powerful cupertino. Reason is that, although the poor writing experience directly on the screen, but still full of fun. When the android manufacturers now abandoning their proud heavy redundant sliding keyboard, to large-scale use of apple’s touch technology, apple before they are really moving disadvantage situation.

but at the same time, fighting continues, like nokia manufacturers began to decline, because they always try to use old user interface in response to the market, to lift the touch screen and keyboard this imbalance of leverage, but the result is failed, until they turned to Microsoft’s wp system platform, also gave up the physical keyboard.

in addition, there are also establishing a business system of the company according to the traditional physical keyboard technology, that is launched their blackberry, it heavyweight product Z10 and the other a middle type product Q10 in combination with a physical keyboard and touch screen, it is the best a traditional blackberry straightforward handset. Others point to the Canadian mobile phone manufacturer if continue to develop, so they will see because Q10 hybrid design will make the traditional consumers completely give up the physical keyboard.

of course, quite apart from the market can only from everything has been decided by the objective facts do not say, in the android device itself is no longer such a terminal, and I’m already can’t remember when a straightforward physical keyboard phone is popular, it seems, the market does in his decision.

but there is no blowing the competition, the final horn.

next month blackberry Q10 after entering the market, its sales are likely to be a blockbuster, breaking the previous even touch screen mobile phone sales records, like Mac do, after all, now is not 1984 years and is now full of all the possibilities of 2013 !