Personalized education concept 4

Educational innovation editor
Low-carbon counseling is to maximize the concept of personalized education extension and development. Low-carbon counseling is a new educational concept put forward by Plum League Education at the end of 2009 by private and post-primary individualized educational institutions both at home and abroad. The core idea is advocating the establishment of a harmonious, efficient and convenient education learning atmosphere, reducing students’ negative exclusion of learning, Physical and mental exhaustion, and excessive loss of parental concern for children’s learning, thus making personalized education truly popular. As a founder, advocate and practitioner of low-carbon counseling education, Ping Meng Education pointed out that the concept of low-carbon education runs through all aspects of learning for primary and middle school students. Low-carbon education is a personalized education model based on low time consumption, low consumption and low consumption. It can improve learning habits, improve learning efficiency, improve learning personality, improve learning methods, and strengthen examination ability by cultivating interest in learning Means to reduce the academic burden on students as much as possible, reduce the concerns of students and parents about learning various uncertainties, and achieve a win-win educational development pattern of quality education that achieves the learning ability and social needs of primary and middle school students. With regard to the development of low carbon education, Ping Meng pointed out that low-carbon education means not only reducing the energy consumed by students in learning and living, thus reducing carbon emissions, especially carbon dioxide, but more crucially, low Carbon education, for the majority of primary and secondary students, is a learning attitude, is the maximization of learning and examination ability. In order for children to win in the future competition, parents should actively promote and promote their children to practice “low-carbon” education, starting from the daily study.
In practicing the concept of low-carbon counseling, the Plumtus education focuses on: to provide students with the convenience of the nearest counseling conditions, stimulate children’s learning ability in all directions, focus on children’s physical and mental development, to help parents and children to establish a harmonious and comfortable parent-child Relationship, the concept of personalized counseling education runs through every practice counseling. The concept of low-carbon education should be further deepened in the hearts of parents of primary and secondary students. The analysis of the Plenum Education pointed out: 1. The education resources in our country, especially the high-quality education resources, are facing a severe situation in the fairness. The per capita educational resources of students occupy less and the quality education resources are relatively scarcer. With the improvement of the material and cultural life of families, the demand for educational resources from families and families will continue to increase. 2. The issue of educational equity in China has generally been developing well. However, the situation in some areas is grim. The conflict between the demand of parents for quality education resources and the shortage of education suppliers remains. The trend of individualized education in extracurricular counseling has become increasingly prominent; 3, the serious educational resources status quo has become more and more social topics, aroused widespread concern in all aspects.
Education is a major event that affects millions of households. The core of the concept of personalized education lies in strengthening the research and development and promotion of learning efficiency of all kinds of disciplines and grades, helping Xiaosheng early, senior high school entrance examination, college entrance examination reform practices continue to advance. Low carbon education is the only way for the development of personalized education. It will inevitably replace all kinds of extracurricular classes that are high in loss, high in time consuming and not suitable for the individual needs of students. The education of Plum League pointed out that low-carbon education is a scientific concept of development in the field of education, saving educational resources, making students and learning harmonious development an important concept, promoting students’ ability of learning and examination in coordination, Music healthy learning development.