PC survival sample contrast between China and Russia, as emerging markets play a different

the author: rui-gang liu

a week of lenovo pledging conference in Europe, let us see the PC makers survive formats for Europe market. More interestingly, as emerging markets, China and Russia has a completely different style. China’s government procurement and enterprise procurement will help domestic PC, to a certain extent but the Russian market is completely against the competitors from each other on ranking changes.


1 and large difference of government procurement

in the Chinese market, local brands have congenital advantage. For example, lenovo, square is higher gain the chance of big government procurement. In projects similar to the computer to the countryside, the local brands also take advantage. Why don’t elaborate.

in the Russian market, you can hardly see a Russian brand of computer manufacturers, lenovo, asus and HP eat here for most of the share. So, here’s more fair competitive environment, the competition is also more tragic.


2 and large difference of electricity development degree

in the Chinese market, electricity has been the impact of the formats for PC, cat to impact offline channels such as jingdong, day, the day of the zhongguancun distributors more and more sad.

in Russia, you can hardly see the shadow of the PC electricity. The reason is the country users like to store to buy the product. Manufacturers don’t have to worry about channel store into a “fitting room”.


3 and large difference of channel mode

in China, the traditional channel pattern of roughly two kinds, self-built channels and to find agents. The agent is divided into the national general agent, the provincial general agent, etc., such as god, jia jie, img is national total generation, foreign brands to have the goods to a total generations, total generation to help them spread their product goods in the country.

in Russia, has no concept of the total generation, this also means that in Russia do channels is more difficult than Chinese. The reason was that the Russian territory is too big, no total generation can cover them. Therefore, PC makers to find several agents to complete shop goods.


4 and competitive environment is not the same as

in China, there will be some external factors affect the market competition environment. Such as the media exposure, can make the HP’s performance plummeted, and difficult to roll over, the reason was that the media, especially in the official media reported that influences from official purchasing.

in Russia, there is no such precedent. Therefore, more in this area is based on market competition. Eyeing each other’s weakness, and then USES the means of market to the dead. Just entering the Russian market such as lenovo, acer has used the financial crisis of the characteristics of high inventory, the company implemented a non-stop.


5 and user consumption habits different

in China, is an advertising import type society, whose products do more advertising, whose product shipped it may better than competitors. Therefore, each PC company’s devotion to advertising values (bad performance will cut the budget for the winter.

in Russia, users are more willing to buy the latest technology and high technology. Such as lenovo at the beginning of the market, one of its selling point is “this is a bought IBM’s PC business, has a ThinkPad quality”. For example, with the latest Intel technology of PC products get better sales.


6 and pricing strategy of different

in China, too much emphasis on cost performance, especially the pursuit of low prices has become a unique scenery line. Users also like price, for one thing, therefore, vendor when pricing, priority consideration is the mainstream.

in Russia, the performance-to-price ratio is one of the factors, but not the most important, they are more emphasis on the unique selling point. Such as lenovo in Russia the price on Yoga to about ten thousand yuan, much higher than other brands of computers with configuration. Lenovo Russian area general manager said, the reason is the computer that’s a can flip, consumer choice, also did not consider the price. Need to mention is, Yoga in the domestic price is the main stream.

written at the back: although as emerging markets, if the victory of the PC business in the Chinese market some lucky words (considering factors such as government procurement, the computer to the countryside), so, PC companies in the Russian market can be achieved when the first is to resort to dry out.

source: sohu it