PC dying But Microsoft Windows revenue has not a recession Why is that?

PC industry is dying. But Microsoft Windows revenue is still flat year-on-year, not a recession.

2013 in the first quarter, Microsoft Windows revenue and $, flat year-on-year.

flat is better than a recession. IDC before, according to the data published PC sales have continuous 4 quarter fell, 2013 in the first quarter of PC sales fell a record, up to 14% . Thus there are a lot of people think that Microsoft Windows revenue should also fell.

IDC think PC sales decline with Windows 8 is closely linked. Windows 8 flat magnet style is not accepted by the market, has affected the PC sales. Consumers to carry Windows 8 PCs .

but Microsoft’s latest results show that the Windows earnings did not because PC weak sales decline and synchronization. Why will appear this kind of strange phenomenon?

Microsoft’s head of investor relations Chris Suh explains to the reporter:

the first reason is that Microsoft released Surface Pro and Surface RT two tablets, made up for by PC sales revenue caused by the deficiency. IDC does not leave the device sales statistics into the PC sales. However, Microsoft has not released two Surface sales, but the two devices on the market is not very popular.

The second reason is:

Microsoft in selling Windows version authorization aspects continued. Especially enterprise signed by the authorized agreement often take several years. This piece of income are not ordinary consumers reluctant to buy New PC and a sharp fall.

Windows revenue although there is no decline, but PC wane already more and more obvious.

for Microsoft, the good news is: Microsoft’s business diversification. In addition to the Windows , it also has Office the office software and server industry and other tools. This piece of the revenue increased 11% .