Pay treasure to revealing financial: security 400 people account behavior analysis of 240 million times a day

pay treasure at the media Open Day today, public pay treasure to some of the security department for the first time.

pay treasure to cloud network said pay treasure hunt, head is responsible for the security team of more than 400 people, online running 1132 server platform support, analysis every day more than 2.4 account behavior of one hundred million times. Handle nearly every day 3000 payment transaction analysis.

five big safety including alipay says, terminal, user authentication, privacy protection, environmental protection account protection and trade protection.

for security personnel training and the introduction of, pay treasure to set up a system. Annual pay treasure from the bank, foreign peers such as the introduction of a large number of professional talents.

for defence and killing virus, pay treasure to joint security vendor other risk safety laboratory is established.

according to pay treasure, pay treasure now has 850 million registered users, 30 million transactions every day.