Path: 3.0 online 24 hours earned more than to profit, direct messages through 1 million

earlier this week, Path launched 3.0 version, is a main social application of intimate circle of friends. This is a very important upgrades, there are two main reasons: increases the messages within the station, and launched Path first charging projects.

the interactive session, in the southwest of the Austin Path and founder of Dave morin in TechCrunch interview, he said, “you can see from the video, we have been discussing 3.0 version, these messages will affect Path and Facebook relationship, whether it will affect the Path new employees or more people.”

in private, Dave morin, or talk about a lot of details about the release of information, and these results even more than the team’s original expectations. Morin said, in the 3.0 the first released version 24 , Path money the company more profit than in the past, it has been proved that the function of DMS is very popular, in the 3.0 published by the 24 hours, more than 100 ten thousand private message released out.

for a social applications, this is a very good news, perfect acclaimed beautifully designed experience, before the criticism may have played an important role in promoting development. This is a recent Path published by one of the numerous data, proved that those who have the question is wrong, and at the same time the company also recently announced that the number of users through 600 ten thousand people, it may be a company an important sign of confidence.