Pass its chips: apple has acquired a chip manufacturing plant

Beijing time on July 13, the morning news, according to foreign media SemiAccurate reported on Friday, the company is stepping up efforts to contain its own supply chain, seeking to make their own chips, and has acquired a chip manufacturing plant to achieve this goal.

report said: “apple just made SemiAccurate in the past few months have been the company is expected to go to do, enter the manufacturing industry. It isn’t a joke: apple had just bought a (chip) manufacturers, and is not a small deal.”

there are rumours that before, apple company will no longer let samsung production iOS devices for its A series chips, and Intel, TSMC, Global Foundries and IBM cannot completely meet the demand of apple chips.

the industry pointed out that the company for the production of almost all their chips and take any action until a few years later will become a reality, reason is difficult to obtain relevant professional technology. Therefore, in the foreseeable did not come, the company will continue to rely on manufacturing partners for the production of A series of chips. Just last month it is reported that TSMC has confirmed that the company made A series of chip manufacturing agreement with apple, this will reduce the dependence of the latter to samsung chip. All previous years there are rumours that, as a result of TSMC technical failure and other problems, so do not wish to cooperate with apple.

from past history, SemiAccurate story is not reliable, the media has been accurately predicted the apple will change Mac series product graphics chip suppliers, but in May 2011 the error prediction for apple Mac convert ARM processor

source: sina science and technology