Parsing the samsung: why do you want to do the operating system

(editor: Zhang Man)

according to the science and technology information site CNET reports, samsung is expected to be released in July or August this year the first based on Tizen (Chinese name: tai ze) smartphone operating system.

may still have some people don’t know what is the Tizen, cloud network hunting small make up to introduce what is first Tizen? Tizen operating system consists of two major Linux alliance LiMo Foundation and the Linux Foundation to Intel, samsung electronics, joint development of a new operating system for mobile phones and other devices.

tai ze is open source software platform based on Linux, run in the smartphone, tablets, netbooks, vehicle information system and smart TV.

in September 2011, the industry from samsung to Intel introduced tai ze, the industry believe that this is a rather difficult task, because Google android and apple’s IOS system has been formed a duopoly situation, think again from fight our way out will undoubtedly make it harder.

but had died more than two years time, samsung has been very tough to do it, and is expected to be in this year to launch its first smartphone based on Tizen operating system.

samsung is a highly international vision and have a strong implementation of the company.

first of all, the first is why samsung will do my own operating system? Hunting cloud network that has the following

a, operating system, is a nuclear bomb

in science and technology of the company’s business, products, market, marketing is indispensable, such as business competition has become three-dimensional. But the operating system is that all the “weapon” of a nuclear bomb, any a giant company with strategic vision should be the development of the operating system as a leading strategy. Google, apple is such a visionary company. The future of mobile Internet is terminal, and the platform of war is the ultimate form of competition.

2, matching products

has its own operating system, can better match their products. Apple was able to build a complete and closed ecosystem can completely be attributed to the IOS. In this system, on the one hand, apple mobile phone, computer products such as matrix, each other, do the product cluster effect maximization. On the other hand, apple can control everything according to their own rules, and not subject to others.

three, competition need

samsung before you consider doing operating system has been android’s biggest supporters, but then Google has a huge sum of money bought a mobile phone manufacturer MOTOROLA. This moment has changed the relationship between the android and samsung, from cooperation to compete. Delicate relationship let samsung also launched its own operating system had to be taken into account. Samsung in order to be able to apple and around the world compete for hegemony must have its own nuclear bomb.

conveniently and for four,

Tizen system before, Intel, samsung respectively in former partner and the Bada encounter difficulties, the two sides are not only can reduce the development resources and manpower, and strengthening technology and function of the app store, including acer, asus, all join Tizen platform development plan, to form a new coalition. For those routes, samsung can be done with the power of Allies.

four reasons for samsung is determined to make their own operating system, in spite of many difficulties, but samsung this investment is obviously in pay for the future.