Pangu immediately today announced a merger deng yaping unaccounted for

hunting cloud network comprehensive report on August 1,

pangu according to netease science and technology search and immediate search today at ten o ‘clock meeting, announced a merger information, under the background of two large search team restructuring as a new company, the state news agency xinhua zhou xisheng, will serve as the new CEO. Responsible for the immediate search business before deng yaping to remain unclear.

zhou xisheng as the President of xinhua’s President since 2000, 2007, the official xinhua news agency core management. News that from pangu pangu search are also part of the team to leave, and does the immediate integration.

after the industry news talk about immediate and rock did not break. Online have article reported insider about immediately. In the adjustment, deng yaping to worthy of attention.

here are five months when hunting cloud network exclusive submissions received the immediate infighting and deng yaping is black those things, for readers to refer to the

immediate departure from a few weeks, as a member of the research and development, they have a certain understanding to the enterprise, the growing black instantly online, feel very uncomfortable.

immediately is a good company? Can’t simply say or not, he is an eccentric enterprises under the system of China. He with baidu’s distinction, as xinhua and sina, no comparability. On instant to account, but now it seems that any account, interest, and money than free thought and job satisfaction is more important.

anyway also left now, I will say the things I see. For you to look at another Angle of the problem.

the manuscript of black immediately appeared two or three big Bob, one of the most famous one is the network spread deng yaping do search engines was refers to spend 2 billion two years don’t know “, this article have time points: in February. Just finish a meeting, the company’s various factions to shuffle a time. A look at is the People’s Daily article inside people write, don’t understand, search, only know the whole person. Why said they couldn’t understand what the author search, they will know that, but understand a little search hundreds of servers to do a search is impossible, the xinhua news search within her own made a stand, with more than one thousand servers, not to mention the entire network search immediately.

why do you say the author understand those trick, because the world “is too good. Article came out, President Deng to Hugh annual leave, can’t get on the plane. So you see articles in the crazy spread after a day to be widespread deleted (personally, I also hate to delete news, of course, this sort of thing).

let alone didn’t spend 2 billion, immediately is spent 2 billion, for a national search engine, it’s worthwhile. Search spent 2 billion, tencent ma down?

so, see “I knew instantly search development state of the article, I sneer at heart, immediate infighting tradition began, deng are always like that, they also don’t let her go. At the beginning with a time to sign in, said the people of hundreds of millions of cash + search 30% of the shares (countries account for large share, jun liu team with technical (small), free to use cloud would be server are almost all the supplementary conditions. For people search, the server is, the higher a coordinated notice, want how much have how much, just afraid you do not.

the result how, I heard that directly in the summer of 2012, cloud soil received money less than 10 million, and those black deng total man sued to great leadership, said she did not know, everything is hear jun liu, loss of state-owned assets of what, anyway, is the view that article in 2 billion. Give somebody else’s money to millions of soil out of the clouds and erosion is a fart! There’s enough money jun liu salary not give immediate projects? Before jun liu to instant search simply can’t use, the people of the Chinese academy of sciences want how many money? At least 450 million!

they bully jun liu is a turtle is also don’t understand the national conditions, to draw pie with short people search stock. As a result, even the painted flowers are not allowed to be painted later. So, later forced jun liu went to the sina threw a sum of money, 360 also give a little, and then go over to the state map made a book search, to get the team to keep down. If the money immediately, cloud soil of early death don’t even have what left slag (they have a dozen senior engineer in Google, you at least let people keep in the basic standard of living).

this, also said President Deng took 2 billion. The President Deng make bottom go to, who’s up? She knows more than deng total search, more understand than jun liu search? According to now still in immediate colleagues say, now, even jun liu is not allowed to use the server, now they use is entirely your own server.

however, now the somebody else also not rare immediately. Have to move to the cloud soil said, now only from 360 guide to the flow of time, every day there are 150 million (is search stars, hot word, on the right side of the microblogging search results), plus sina to cloud soil tutors also tens of millions. From don’t see the alexa rankings, because alexa is based on PC, now a time flow, for the most part, based on mobile devices. Only from the weibo search in this direction, the clouds soil did absolutely the first in the industry, the microblogging search a lot of rubbish to death than baidu.

return said immediately. Jun liu is for immediate code, at least more than four hundred ten thousand lines. May also have some other modules, like somebody else with weibo in combination with those who may not be, but the main function of the libraries are in place. To help team immediately read the code, remember to begin in July 2012, have five or six people immediately to qingyun mansion everyday greetings net work there, listen to a somebody else training, etc. But I doubt that just went up, and if the old people are killed, they also can read the code?

that’s it. Anyway, give me feeling, those who newspaper is inherited the tradition of the cultural revolution, civil war adept, foreign wars dilettante, not looking for the superior support. In their view, deng yaping do you have a good time it doesn’t matter, I can let you do; I can’t do the search does not matter, as long as I put my opponent’s search becomes poor.

so I left. Also in the instant you, wish you good luck.