Panasonic give up diplomatic editor 】 【 ion television: Japanese television manufacturing industry had beaten a foregone conclusion

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home appliance giant panasonic finally decided to close the door, a plasma TV factory at this point, the end of the defeated Japanese television industry has cannot be redeemed. Japanese TV industry, as a result of post-war technology economy revival was Japan’s proud aura.

golden age stage since the 1970 s, Japan’s television and manufacturing companies to adopt the most advanced technology and low price. Which of SONY and panasonic brand effect in the European and American markets growing influence, will be Europe and the United States competitors behind.

but lasted for several decades after the advantage, sharp, SONY and panasonic, etc from the status of traditional Japanese manufacturers began to be reversed sharply in recent 10 years, a batch of action such as South Korea’s samsung quickly and with deep pockets of Japanese manufacturers fast emerging forces of transcendence.

panasonic will so far in March 2014 in the fiscal year from plasma market withdrawal plan, is mentioned in the October 9 (Reuters) – and in the nikkei business daily reproduced the original reports.

before the withdrawal plan to disclose, panasonic tianjin He Yihong President has to make the determination of the business “to” clean up the deficit. To get rid of the deficit of years as the goal, tianjin, will be taking the higher-margin products as the business direction of the future.

at this point, Japan’s domestic television production in the factory, only three joint factory. Sharp’s factory in overseas capital injection, Toshiba and Hitachi brand as a representative of the Japanese have also been put most of the production line in overseas.

as decades ago Japan’s defeat to European and us companies, Japanese companies are the same in the background is the same result. Not their own what went wrong, just rivals menacing.

“Japan enterprise itself no decision errors, but competitors catch up with the momentum is too strong.” The research firm IHS iSuppli analyst, lee. Queens (transliteration) said. “Japanese companies’m afraid I have some emotional, no attention to catch up with competitors, unable to formulate corresponding competitive strategy.”

Japanese television industry downturn on the one hand because of the change of the world television industry pattern, desktop and laptop computers became popular, people like to on – demond custom playlists population increase gradually, but the Japanese TV makers have ill-advised.

based on ihs iSuppli data, 2012 annual world TV sets a 6.3% reduction in delivery, which is 10 years the worst crop failure. After the tube from generation to generation, developed markets demand for LCD TV in the process of replacement is full, it is also the biggest factor.

and narrow the cause of the Japanese TV industry, is also a year and a half ago SONY and panasonic, popular summer Toshiba companies such as replacement of the leadership. For the performance determination on legacy also had an impact.

each competitor brand rise sharply at the same time, Japan’s TV set makers have neglected the opponent’s strength, the superstition of the company’s technical reserves. Blindly blindly to expand investment in the project, wait until the market change projects failed to match the new requirements, strategic decisions on the delayed response.

head office located in Osaka, panasonic, plasma TV factory built in between Osaka and kobe, battery. , the three battery factories and panasonic’s latest three factories, from 2011 since the start operation but also for two years, as a senior managing director at that time and at the head of the business department of the incumbent President jin the dynasty executive, decided to shut down from two factories, now only a factory is still running.

deficit two years more than 1.5 trillion yuan

panasonic combined two years in a row the deficit sharply as high as 1.5 trillion yuan, and the main reason for the deficit is so large is that the TV department. The TV business in fiscal year 2012 loss amount up to 88.5 billion dollars.

and Zimbabwe, presidents in ohtsubo President left office in June, finally issued completely from the plasma TV market decisions. And ohtsubo President, it was in the battery factory project invest 485 billion yuan to push forward the key figures of a plasma TV.

The detailed process of the

the incident and networks to say at least nine days nine night, now still running the final factory -, battery 2 factories will be closed in a few months. Panasonic for this batch of asset impairment of the processing fee also is as high as 40 billion yuan, and panasonic earlier this year in the annual plan also invested 120 billion yuan.

according to intelligence, of which 400 to 500 employees will be transferred to the panasonic other factory jobs.

‘is’ configure’, but which were so easy to process. Japan’s panasonic factory no matter where the situation is very serious, in battery factory about 40 male workers on condition of anonymity told reporters that in the work.

the factory closed, also as the symbol of the Japanese withdraw completely from plasma TV industry. In recent years, the LCD panel in large area direction, plasma TV market space was squeezed by LCD flat TV, another south Korean competitors from plasma TV also occupies a strong position in the market.

since SONY invented out of the picture and bright which colour TV, since from 1970 s to the end of last century, and the domestic peers and television market occupy a dominant position in the world. At the same time, GE, RCA, Sylvania, Magnavox American rival companies also began to withdraw from the television industry.

but this accumulated decades of advantage, but suddenly disappeared, industry and in the end. Japan’s big manufacturers to flat-screen TVS transformation, the rapid rise of the opponent is thus in Asia. In order not to be catch up and reorganization of the business, but is restructuring fails, all be produced more than 10 dollars in losses.

“panasonic retreated from the plasma TV market, does not mean that Japan’s TV industry has already been completed structure reform.” An overseas securities company on condition of anonymity, analysts say. Even now, Japanese companies operating and management departments are still too large.

panasonic still retain in himeji LCD panel plants. Used in TV manufacturing LCD accounted for 80% of total output, later will account for 80% of the intelligent mobile terminal panel as the direction of the future. In addition the pilot production of panasonic organic EL display screen has begun, and the organic EL display is expected to become the future of technology. Jin, President, however, still said “this investment will be a prudent to promote the process of”.