Page tour industry growth is slowing, but perfect saw products stand out

hunting cloud network news on August 28th, a perfect world today united 360, Unity Technology Ltd, page tourism strategy conference was held at perfect world released its new 3 d product blueprint, and global ARC standardized online publishing platform. Under the situation of swim slower growth in the whole page, perfect saw another opportunity, the company plans to use technology to upgrade page will swim into full 3 d age.

in the meeting, perfect world CEO Xiao Hong page officially released the second generation product blueprint, announced the global standardization issued online platform – ARC. , he says, the platform will follow the game product access standard, international language standard, account value flow, data acquisition analysis standard open to players and partners at home and abroad. More than will override the global platform, and integration of the global top studios first-class digital products. It is understood that the platform has previously running smoothly in the overseas markets, this is officially in the mainland market.

in addition, perfect world also announced that cooperate with 360 games, the latter will be the sole starting and full page into ARC platform products. Reason can contribute to bilateral cooperation, not only have the advantages of channels with 360, 360 also on browser products with Unity Technology Ltd, which also facilitate fluency of perfect page tour product use.

prior to that, a perfect world has with the United States Unity Technology Ltd cooperation agreement, to make with Unity3D engine as the core products full page, there are many 3 d products into the company black box testing phase. In the conference, a perfect world, the official said will launch this year “TOUCH dazzle dance”, “ice hot destroy god” two page 3 d products, next year will launch the PROJECT RACING “, “PROJECT S – WAR”, “PROJECT KNIGHT” and other products.


although the tourism industry growth is slowing, Xiao Hong said at the meeting, it is also a high-quality goods page stand out s, perfect world will through a series of strategic cooperation, complete technical revolution, revolution of type and service revolution, inject new vitality to swim on page field.