Original iPhone can do? An app to make it into a security monitoring equipment

a new iPhone launch, fans after buy new apple mobile phone, going to do with the hands of the existing original iPhone? To flip is bought at a low price or just throw it in the drawer? Now, a new application called Presence could let apple equipment after retirement, continue to play a heat.

according to foreign media reported CNET science and technology, a company called “”, recently opened a iOS applications. It can put the consumers no longer use apple devices, into a family monitoring system.

Presence of accident development. Gene Wang tells that the firm’s founder, due to his mother’s house happened twice in one year, theft, so he decided to install a monitoring system for the mother’s house. In this way, a monitoring based on iOS application will in practice be developed.

create such a home monitoring system, the user first need two apple devices, and download and install Presence application respectively. One of the device camera can act as the probe, placed in any place want to monitor; Another one, as a monitor display, so that users can view real-time situation.

of course, the user does not need to stare at your iPhone, 24 hours for this application also have alarm to remind function. When a probe as mobile phone have detected objects move in front of it, it will automatically via E-mail, to the user sends a 5 seconds of video footage. In addition, users can also through two-way video or audio way, to a “visitor” identity verification.

at present, the device and above, iPod touch and above, the iPhone 3 gs and above apple devices, you can use Presence. A good mobile phone camera, an adequate power supply, and a stable wi-fi, can build a originally requires high cost monitoring and control system.

Gene Wang said that at present the application has already started to be applied in stores and home monitoring system. In addition, the unified school district in Miami voted to use this application, to build a campus monitoring system, and encourage people to donate their apple devices in the community.

but, when used for monitoring the apple device has been stolen? Gene Wang explained: “those who want to steal to monitor mobile phones, will be taken photos in an instant. Even the most no hunting ground of the mind, and can’t afford to do so.”

however, apple device itself is more expensive, so a lot of people question the system’s practical significance. Gene Wang said in an interview: “in the past 12 months, we found that there are about 50 million iphones is replaced by a new generation of apple products. If the user chooses to sell original equipment, the equipment stored in the information, may be the cause of leakage of personal privacy. So Presence, happy is to let the old tree flower, make the idle apple devices, coruscate gives new life.”

the People Power to announce in the near future will launch advanced features, such as motion capture and hd monitor function. In addition, the application will also be logged in the Android platform.