Origin of mobile phones, cloud evaluation hunting 】 【 unique enough

on September 3, billed as the most artistic origin of mobile phone officially released, because the brand positioning and a lot of publicity and compelling.

hunting cloud network has got the origin of mobile engineering machines, after trial for more than a week, let us see how he art.

the origin phone configuration:

appearance design:

the origin before and after the mobile phone in the form of double glass panels, can’t change the battery. At the same time left for aluminum alloy frame, angular; The up and down is designed for arc, a lot of fruity MeiQi.

two contrast before and after the red bar cavity design, echo the slender body, is spell able with van. Overall is simple, neat and refined, an aggressive straight men fan of literature and art.

before and after the double glass cover easily infected with fingerprints, before the origin phone explains on the mass production will use a coating method to solve this problem.

every Angle observation, the fuselage is very concise. Basically can’t distinguish fluctuation before and after. On the left side of the fuselage for the volume button, volume buttons below the reset hole. When the mobile phone crashed dig with the needle point stamp to replace the battery effect. Mobile phone power button, the micro SIM card slot is on the right and lower power key position, single hand manipulation is very convenient. Mobile phone above for micro USB, 3.5 mm earphone. Below the phone only mic.

button design is very beautiful, may be engineering machine, do manual work is a little slightly shaking.

Micro SIM card slot. 1080 p screen display effect is satisfactory.

SAO red bar cavity design. According to the origin, resonant chamber through the unique design, has the corresponding optimization software. In hunting cloud network outside to put the process of listening, the sound quality is beyond most of the phone.

the origin phone proud “primary design”, as the three signs of “life” the function of breathing lamp design touch keys, respectively for the menu button, Home button, and the return key, to be sure, the three keys and no clear figure note logo, we need through breathing lamp flickering direction to identify the key (mobile phone for the first time open the opportunity to have a video newbie guide, to introduce the user to touch the keys, and system characteristics).

the breathing lamp support as many as 13 special touch interaction experience, the effect is very beautiful.

at the same time, double-click the home button lock screen and the light screen operation can be performed. The Home button is a touch panel in central location for multiple functions: click is to return to the main page (screen), double click on the lock screen or unlock the screen, long press is out task management. Need some time to adapt to this kind of operation.

in the lock screen, from left to right sliding trackpad or slide from right to left, can quick start different applications. In the system Settings, optional choose quick open what applications. But in the case of setting or password lock screen design, unable to start the application, still need to enter a password or pattern. It’s down the practicability of this feature.

system features:

the origin of mobile phone design another core: change the UI. Light screen, arbitrary sliding direction can unlock, click the phone icon on the slippery slide can quickly enter the program.

on the design of the desktop, the origin of mobile phones coming out of the three center: application center, plug-ins, the news center. About slide switch. From left to right, the first screen for application center, put all procedures, can slide up and down a split screen. Of the handle on the top of the screen icon down, open the drawer, for all the procedures inside. Long press any program icon into the editing interface, can be arbitrary, the program click cross above procedures, can enter the program uninstall interface.

the second screen for the plug-in center, operation method and application center.

the third screen for the news center, the bottom of the screen you have today’s headlines, hot today two columns, click to switch. Hot headlines content provided by tencent, today by baidu to provide resources. Click on the headlines today the Settings button at the top of the interface, can subscribe to the headlines. News does not automatically update consumption flow, need to manually update the drop-down.

home screen interface through careful design, small drawer icon, the icon on the desktop is big, with comparative strong aesthetic feeling. Drawer background, all icon interface personalized design, speck, in accordance with their literary fan positioning. But did not replace the function of mobile phone theme.

faults, desktop has a few little bugs, occasionally makes desktop caton, the transition animation design is delicate, almost can’t feel.

native android 4.2 many Google function castration off, on the basis of the Google application function, put all the interface to the strict custom, aesthetic coordinated system. There is a gothic font, graphics.

you can see by the picture at the origin of the various functions and native android basic did not change, even not remove Google Play application market function, makes when installing third-party applications, jump out to validate the software prompt every time, and is very annoying. (sorry, native Android will have to cancel the “Google authentication” option, the Change in the UI does not provide)

features: color fast and start the application. The camera’s focus camera automatically. And the mobile phone ringtone completely redesigned.

game, MT6589T scheme, processor performance enough to use. In “find your sister”, “fruit ninja,” temple run “three games, speed is satisfactory. In the game, did not find any CARDS. Touch screen quality is very good also, sensitive operation.

photo proof:

for camera, MT6589 T scheme with 13 million pixels, I can only say that is really a 13000000 megapixel camera. Color saturation, the white balance in hand, under the condition of without any problems. Just hands to hold, shot’s reaction speed is not as good as 5 million front. Other mobile phone with skin care function, also can’t do it.

actually MT6589T scheme operated by 800 w megapixel camera at the right moment, 1300 w cameras for him just compatible, operation effect. This can only look forward to the follow-up mediatek, the optimization of the camera.

in other mobile phones has started to offer the function of the system level innovation, origin of mobile phone will certainly have more way to go.

the origin phone delicate design and unique operation mode is impressive, indeed meet their literary tone, MT6589 T solutions also ensure that the system is basic smooth. Main elegant design wen-ching positioning, let a person shine at the moment, the price of 2222 is also one of the group would be acceptable. But such a designer’s mobile phone, how to ensure that the hardware and software experience, to retain users?

system optimization on line continuously, desktop occasionally dysfunction headache. Despite all the system interface, harmonious, and the delicate custom, but MT6589T solution rough transition animations, obviously not the entrepreneurial teams in the first place can well optimized. This is the hidden trouble of mobile phone. Origin of official said it was a continuous system optimization, and we look at the performance of the future.

in marketing, withered marketing way, really let a person can’t believe this is a positioning the products. So far, no any about the origin, but on a little class brand story. So you don’t have to touch live like listening to the art of the romantic story of youth consumption G point?

millet negative marketing, gossip, rumours that marketing methods, too cluttered, may not be suitable for the origin the literary and artistic route. But the origin should have their own independent marketing technique, in view of the literary youth, how can not give their customers some good hope god?

so niche market positioning, without a strong marketing, is obviously not enough. This phone is like the beautiful mobile phone ring money to play soy sauce pass by, is expected to survive for a long time, we don’t know. But want to have their own unique style of design for good optimization of the system level, can’t do without a solid technical strength.

marketing and system optimization ability, this is the test of the maverick origin two problems of the phone.

for consumers, the origin of mobile phone amazing design may attract you, unique touchpad can also make you feel unique experience, but no one is perfect, the speaker is machine without the machine, at the same time you have to endure some defects of the system.

Update: the origin of mobile phone use Soc is MTK MT6589T, rather than MT6589. The former than the latter graphics processing ability strong many.