Open to all the users on Twitter advertising services

Beijing time on May 1, according to foreign media reports, Twitter product director Kevin? (Kevin Weil) on Tuesday at TechCrunch conference, said Twitter limit let go of the advertised products to the users, users need to get the invitation, you can directly buy Twitter advertising through Twitter the latest self-help interface.

he said: “for a long time, our advertising services are used by invitation, and with some brands, agents, and small businesses have reached cooperation. Today, we will be open to all businesses in the United States, personal Twitter AD service.”

in April 2010, Twitter launched advertising services for the first time, and in the later introduced a “promotion” and “account to promote” service. In March 2012, Twitter with advertising, introduced a self-service tool, to help users to buy Twitter advertising, so as to compete with Google and Facebook. In February this year, Twitter continue to increase investment, launched advertising API (application programming interface).

the personage inside course of study points out that Twitter to all the users of advertising products, and will promote the company’s revenue growth, and to prepare for a future IPO.

at present, all the users can purchase Twitter advertising through Twitter the latest self-help interface, including “promotion” and “account promotion”, the user can all provide business analysis system via Twitter to track the advertising effect.

market analysts expect that by 2014, Twitter revenue will reach $950 million, most of which comes from the advertising business, if Twitter to submit an application for IPO, believe that the strong growth in the advertising business is enough to attract the interest of investors. In addition, before officially submit an application for IPO in Twitter, advertisement service optimization measures for mobile equipment, can avoid the embarrassing situation that after the Facebook IPO shares.

translation: sohu it